26 Week Bumpdate

Happy Monday guys!  We’re coming off of a super busy weekend and while it was tons of fun, I am so freaking anxious to get into the nursery and get to work because it looks like a storage shed at the moment.  A week and a half left before Christmas break and I’ll get to get in there and make sense of it all (and put the stroller together!!), Christmas is so close y’all!!

Last Wednesday marked 26 weeks along so I wanted to do another quick bumpdate for you guys today!

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26 Week Bumpdate

How far along?
26 weeks 5 days

Current Feelings/Happenings
Feeling pretty good finally!!  The headaches have luckily become less frequent and I don’t ever feel nauseous or blah anymore.  The bump is getting to be a decent size so I’m starting to be able to do less and be more uncomfortable.  Alot of times it feels suuuuper tight too and all I want to do is just lay stretched out, my upper ab muscles are hurtin’.

I did my glucose at our last appointment and luckily passed so that’s one thing checked off.  Our doctor also gave us a task list at the appointment which made things feel much more real and that we’re getting closer.  Find a pediatrician, pre-register at the hospital, count kicks, and sign up for birthing classes. I also got my maternity leave set up at work so that’s a relief too.

Thanks to some well-planned and aggressive Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping I’ve got all the big pieces for the nursery (as well as our carseat and stroller!) ordered and almost all of it is here.  We moved the bed over to the office weekend before last so now I’ve got the nursery room as a clean slate.  Stay tuned for an updated nursery post soon!!

Maternity clothes?
Oh heck yes.  I feel like in the last two weeks my bump has really grown, is this when you “pop”??  I am OBSESSED with Pink Blush and have made no less than a dozen orders there for tops and jackets.  Motherhood Maternity has been pretty “meh” but I did find my favorite jeans and leggings there.  Maternity leggings are the shit y’all.  I need some casual non-work type tops for lounging around the house though, plus I need to decide what to wear to my baby shower next month!  There’s a handful of contenders on PinkBlush so it’ll be one of them if I can decide :)

Starting to get pretty crappy.  One of Matt’s coworkers gave us a little belly wedge pillow which feels awesome and has worked better than my previous blanket plan.  But my hips usually start hurting on both sides so I just toss back and forth all night, each flip taking like four different maneuvers to complete, ha!  And usually after I get up for my nightly pee I have a horrible time trying to get back to sleep.

Food cravings
Still the same, any sort of casserole or gooey one-pan dish and oh man, cheeseburgers and sodas!!  I crave fast food cheeseburgers, fries, and a soda so bad but have been pretty good about resisting.  I’m also really craving chocolate cake and chocolate malts right now.  Luckily Matt makes the BEST chocolate malt I’ve ever had, it’s just if I can talk him into making me one or not.  I don’t really have any aversions, just dishes that don’t sound good to me at all right then.

Total weight gain
As of our last appointment right after Thanksgiving I’ve gained 8lbs which I was really happy to hear.  Much less than I thought I would by now, thanks to the nausea till about 19 weeks.  And about 2lbs of that is baby so doing good so far!

This little thing is crazy y’all.  It is by far my favorite past time now to just watch my belly twitch and bulge.  Kicks, jabs, flops, and some serious weird rolls.  No hiccups yet but I’m watching for it.  I’ve also started to feel it when it’s pounding on my bladder, not painful, but it makes me feel like I’m gonna pee a little.  It’s most active in the evenings and is starting to be up more at night, thanks to my eighty position changes I’m sure.

Belly button in or out?
Still in but shallower and shallower

Best moment lately
It may sound materialistic but honestly it was getting our carseat and stroller in finally.  I struggled with choosing which ones forever and settled on the UPPAbaby Cruz and Mesa which I got for almost $200 off during Black Friday.  We got the “Lindsey” light tan color and they are GORGEOUS.  As soon as we opened the carseat and had it sitting there it was such a surreal feeling to think a) there’s actually one of these in our home, and b) we’re actually going to be putting a baby in it!  Also, Matt asked if he should put something “in the nursery” this weekend and it almost gave me goosebumps.  I really never thought we’d use that word about a room our house.

Looking forward to
Still our next sonogram in a week (almost 28 weeks) so that we can see the little one again, and also to make sure the partial placenta previa they found at our anatomy scan is moving out of the way.  It’s really stressing me out and would be so nice not to worry about anymore.  Also definitely looking forward to having a week or so off at Christmas to catch up on everything and do nursery work.


Stay tuned for a nursery update in a few weeks and our Monthly DIY Challenge is this Wednesday too! 



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8 thoughts on “26 Week Bumpdate

  1. You’re adorable! Glad you’re feeling overall OK. Also, I still cannot stop laughing at the comment you left on my blog about houses in CC being various shades of Snickers…so on point. This city loves shades of beige and brown in. every. single. house.

    Can’t wait to see the nursery! xo.

    1. Isn’t it?! I say Snickers to be more tactful, but really it’s all shades of poop. I tell Matt all the time that these are all the shades our baby’s poop is going to be, and people deck their homes inside and outside with it EVERYWHERE. I just don’t get it.

  2. Glad things are going well. So happy for you! It’s fun getting all the “stuff” to help you prepare. It makes it more real!

  3. Love reading all the fun details! So glad you’re feeling well and I can’t wait to see the finished nursery!

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