Apple Cake

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Some our friends came to town last weekend for a last-minute visit from Houston and since we don’t get to see them very often, and any excuse to have a dinner party, I insisted on making stuff for dinner for all of us.  They were staying with another one of the girls, Rosalie, who bought her first home just a year ago, a super sweet little cottage which she has decorated with vintage items and antiques from her family and scores around town.  I’m actually getting her to do a future guest post cause she finds the most amazing things and her house is adorable!

Back to dinner, I wanted to try a few of the recipes I’ve had pinned for a while, so there was no real theme, just what sounded good.  The first thing that I did was this apple cake because it’s been on my to-do list for weeks.  I’ll post about the other menu items next week (hint: it involves another cake).

The original recipe is from Key Ingredient.

I used Honeycrisp apples, they are by far the best apples I’ve ever had in my life.  They are huge, juicy, sweet, and never that bland grainy texture.  And I used vanilla paste instead of vanilla extract because it is the bomb and I don’t think I’ll ever use regular vanilla extract again (well I will because I just got a huge bottle from Mexico, but you know what I mean).

The batter is a piece of cake (ha!) cause you just mix it all together as usual, spread it, and bake it.

Look at those yummy apple nuggets!  Once the cake has cooled, you make a simple icing with butter, brown sugar, evaporated milk (I used low fat), and vanilla (yup, used the paste here too!).

Once it boils (watch it, it will boil over in a heartbeat or right after you take a picture), you set the whole thing in a bowl of ice water and let it harden a little until it is spreadable.

I got impatient at this step and just poured it over the cake after five minutes or so.  It would be alot prettier if you do what they tell you to do and spread it like a frosting.

Aaand then I put the lid on, took it to the party, and never got a nice styled picture of a cut slice.  I know, blog fail.  But oh my gosh was this super moist and delicious!  Definitely good for an indulgent breakfast too :)  It will be made again very soon just for us and I’ll put a blog-worthy slice picture up then I promise.

Shooter McGavin is back up and running, the paneling is up and the battens are marked.  Some sense is finally being made in here :)  Happy weekend!

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