Bumpdate – 32 Weeks

SOMEHOW we’re already at 32 weeks y’all!  There’s been a ton going on since my last bumpdate at 26 weeks, with the holidays, nursery work, a baby shower, and this belly of mine growing like crazy each week it seems.  It’s hustle time!  (and also naptime…)

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32 Week Bumpdate

How far along?
32 weeks 4 days

Current Feelings/Happenings
I knew that after the holidays and when the calendar hit 2017 that I’d start to get more anxious, but there’s all kinds of feelings that hit once we entered the actual year we’d be meeting this baby.  The first half of this month was a bit rough as Jan 10th was the due date for Pearl.  Even though we are overwhelmingly thankful to be welcoming a little miracle in a couple months, I couldn’t help but think about where we would be now and who that little one would have been.  It was just a really strange place to be.   In general though, I’ve had complete impatience, overwhelming love, overwhelming fear of delivery and parenting in general, and anxiety over getting and doing everything we need to.  I pretty much experience all of these in every single hour and it’s exhausting.  It seems like March is just around the corner but then sometimes it still seems sooooo far away!

THE CRIB IS HERE!!!  I repeat, the CRIB IS HERE!!  And we are in looooove with it!  There will be a full nursery update later this week with sneak peeks but it is absolutely perfect and the room finally feels like a legit nursery now.  There are still piles of baby gear and supplies for like four projects hanging around in there but it’s definitely coming together.  I feel like a few good bust-ass weekends worth of work and it’ll be time to just organize and decorate.  Oh, and I’ve started to amass our cloth diapering stash (using GroVia) and am slightly obsessed with it.  Is it strange to have dreams about cloth diapering???

Maternity clothes?
Totally, and sometime right after Christmas I feel like my belly “popped” like everyone always talks about.  It’s like I woke up one morning and was SUPER pregnant looking, it still shocks me when I look in the mirror.  Even my beloved maternity clothes are starting to get a bit uncomfortable so unfortunately I think I’m going to have to buy another batch to get me through these last two months.  Anything I can wear with leggings is the goal for sure.

Ugh, this has really become a struggle.  Even with a wedge pillow and thick pillow between my knees, my hips start to hurt and throb about halfway through the night so I keep having to switch sides (which is an involved process now) or lay slightly on my back for a little bit.  But then laying on my back makes me have to pee, so up I go, and usually have a heck of a time trying to get back to sleep.  Sometimes a good bit of Pinterest scrolling will do the trick, sometimes notsomuch.  I miss my melatonin :/

Food cravings
These haven’t changed much since the last bumpdate, still anything bad for me and especially cheeseburgers, sodas, and desserts.  Bigtime with sodas and dessert lately but I try to resist as much as possible.  It doesn’t help that I have a hard time standing and cooking stuff so we’ve been eating out more than usual.  No bad heartburn still, knock on wood, but I feel like it’s any day now.

Total weight gain
As of our appointment last Wednesday I’ve gained a total of 17 pounds so far which my doctor is pleased with.  I have no idea how it’s not more than that with my horrible cravings, although I am usually decently active on the weekends working on projects so *maybe* that helps??

Little one is still super active but in more pronounced periods nowadays.  Usually late in the morning and then in the evenings when I’m typically sitting here on the computer.  Movements aren’t really painful yet (although there have been some good kidney punches) and it still rolls around quite a bit.  It’s been head-down since our anatomy scan at 20 weeks and I feel like it still may be there since most kicks are on the upper right of my belly, but who knows.  I could recognize hiccups the other day which was crazy, I thought it was just my pulse or something but the doc said it’s more likely hiccups.  So cute!

Belly button in or out?
We’re still an innie and I think it’s going to stay that way (I had a super deep innie) but it’s very stretched and is bigger.

Best moment lately
There’s been a lot of those…between all the generous and sweet gifts from Christmas and my beautiful baby shower, to getting the crib in and finally putting together our stroller, to just being so close to full-term in general, it’s all been overwhelming and awesome.  I still feel like this is all a dream.

Here’s some shots from my baby shower a couple weeks ago, hosted by my sweet girlfriends at the beautiful house up the coast of our friends that we fish with.  They did SUCH an amazing job, everything was perfect.  Neutral, simple, and coastal…just how we like it :)

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Beautiful coastal baby shower!

Looking forward to
We have our birthing/CPR classes coming up as well as a maternity photo shoot by my sweet and super talented wedding photographer Rebecca McCoy (send good weather vibes…we’re hoping for a beach shoot!!).  Other than those, I’m anxious to get the projects in the nursery wrapped up so I can get everything situated and ready to go by March 1st.  Then looking forward to just hunkering down, relaxing, and cherishing the time at home with Matt before all the craziness.


Stay tuned for a nursery update later this week, but get sneak peeks on Instagram HERE! 



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4 thoughts on “Bumpdate – 32 Weeks

  1. Everything you posted is so adorable! It takes me back years to when I could relate & also just recently to when my daughter could relate. So thrilled for you! Once you meet this tiny person, it truly is like your heart grows ten times in one day! Congratulations to you! Looking forward to seeing your nursery!

    1. You are so, so sweet Jane <3 I am honored to soon join the ranks and experience those feelings and am trying to cherish and remember these feelings as we go to look back on one day too. Thank you so much for following along!!

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