Chipotle Shrimp Bowls with Cilantro Lime Cream Sauce

Yay!  It’s almost the weekend again!!  When, oh when, is someone going to make three day weekends official, come on already!

This weekend, if the stupid wind cooperates, husband will hopefully get to head offshore for opening day of red snapper season and get me some fresh fillets to cook up.  Ooooh, and maybe some bonus cobia or dorado too!  Heck, I’ll take anything at this point.  Our garage freezer tripped its breaker a few months ago, while we were out of town of course, and we lost all of our amazing fish and shrimp from last summer.  THAT was a special smell for sure.  So I am completely ready for this offshore season to start up again and stock that baby back up.  I much prefer catching our own and knowing where it came from instead of overpaying for the same thing at the grocery store that comes from Timbucktoo and was questionably harvested.  Would love to do that with all the meat we eat but that’s not an option unfortunately.  I digress…

During the summer (well, all the time really) I like to cook more seafood and play around with strong, spicy, colorful flavors.  You know, the ones that go really well with an icy, dressed Dos Equis or Michelada.  Mmmmm.  This one is right up that alley:  Chipotle Shrimp Bowls with Cilantro Cream Sauce.

This one came from A Kitchen Addiction and has all of my favorites:  Shrimp? check. Cilantro? check. Creamy sauce? check. Spice? check.  Oh, and please pin from her original post as usual :)

After peeling and deveining the shrimp, it all came together in a snap.  The sauce is just an easy puree of the creams, cilantro, and lime juice.

I used a premixed long grain rice box to save time and it came out great, not too salty which I was a little worried about.  I went ahead and mixed the corn with the rice instead of by itself because I didn’t use black beans or red onions.  Red onions are not husband-friendly and as usual, I didn’t have black beans on hand.

I did need to do a little modifying when it came to the shrimp part.  The recipe calls for a 7oz can of chipotles in adobo but I grabbed a little 3.5oz by mistake.  Turns out it was for the best as there was PLENTY of spice but I did have a hard time blending it as the recipe called for since there was half as much.  I put it in a blender with the garlic cloves as it says but there wasn’t enough to blend.  So I resorted to mincing the garlic and mashing the chipotles with a mortar and pestle and it worked fine.  Although it was a pain, I am glad I didn’t use the bigger 7oz container because it would have been wayyyy too hot, even for me.

Once the shrimps are done, just assemble your bowls and dollop the sauce on top all pretty-like.

So so good and super refreshing and zingy for summer.  Just in time!  I want a Dos just looking at it.

This weekend I have a friend’s baby shower on Saturday (seriously, Target baby clothes right now?? I couldn’t even take all the cuteness) and there is a slight chance I may, MAY, be painting the office my much-desired dark color this Sunday while husband is fishing.  Follow me on Instagram for some sneak peeks ;)

And have a good weekend y’all!

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