Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

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We had such a good time fishing the Texas Women Angler’s Tournament this weekend!  We released a nice sailfish and weighed in a dorado that royally kicked my rear, which I blame on the load of seaweed on the line :)  Although we didn’t place in anything this year, we love that tournament and are thankful to be able to go, and of course had a blast.  And it’s always nice to get to see sunrises like this from about 80 miles out.

Today I have another good breakfast casserole recipe. I want to make every.single.thing that my friend Karen at the Food Charlatan makes, especially her sweets, and this cream cheese french toast casserole is why.  I love french toast, I love cream cheese, and I love anything I can make in advance and have ready to go in the morning.  Cause I’d rather sleep every minute I can in the morning rather then getting up and cooking…it’s the only time I don’t ever want to cook.

A few of us in our office rotate bringing breakfast on Fridays and I always take it as an opportunity to try out some of the yummy breakfast recipes stashed on my Pinterest.  I knew when I saw this recipe it would be perfect for my breakfast week.  Since there’s about 16 of us, I upped the recipe by half.

I had a big KISS (keep it simple stupid) moment in prepping this :/  I was full-on about to pick the loaves into pieces by hand…then, hello…I have a bread knife.  Ugh, use a knife to cube the bread :)

Put your first half of the bread down along with your first dollops of cream cheese.

Then whip the eggs and everything but the melted butter together well.  It’s a lotta eggs :)

Once that’s all well-mixed, slowly whip the melted butter in.

Layer the rest of the bread (one loaf fit in one 9x13ish pan) and the rest of the cream cheese then pour all the egg mixture over all of it.  It won’t cover all of it so I tried to get some liquid onto each piece of bread.

Then cinnamon-dust the crap out of it using a mesh strainer.

Bake at 350F for 35 minutes or so then sprinkle with powdered sugar (of course).  It smells so amazing!

I wasn’t sure how moist it would be but as soon as I cut into it I knew it was good.  It was perfect!  So fluffy and moist, and exactly like a big thick piece of french toast.  But with little cream cheese nuggets throughout it :)

I had mine with just some real maple syrup (and more powdered sugar of course) but brought strawberries, blueberries, and some honey for the folks at work to fix theirs up with.  And that they did, they made quick work of it and everyone seemed quite happy with it.  My boss even said it was the best thing she’s ever eaten :)  And I highly regret not getting another piece at about 10:30….

6 thoughts on “Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole

  1. I love the idea of rotating bringing breakfasts! What a fun Friday tradition to help make that day of the week a little more special. The dish you brought looks delicious… I’m going to go pin it now!

    1. It is such a hit, and everyone looks forward to it bigtime! Most go grab breakfast tacos or pastries from around town but I like to bake something :)

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