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I often dream about being in a house large enough for me to have my own craft/project room, but also to have a space for Matt to have a man-cave as well.  While we’re not even close to having that yet, we have been in the process of making over the office to be more of a man space (new darker color, gallery wall with TV, memorabilia shadowbox, and new shelves) so that will have to do for now.  But, I thought it would be fun to go ahead and throw together a design board for him, just to have something to dream about :)
And this is my design!  I wanted a warm, cozy space full of different textures (as usual), casual modern furnishings, a little bit of nautical-ness, with a variety of functional spaces to do stuff in.  There aren’t basements where we live so I picture this space being located off a garage or a separate building on the property (cause if we’re dreaming, I’m gonna have some acreage) so to extend hang-out space and man-activity options, I added an industrial roll up glass garage door that opens to a patio where they can play yard games and grill.  As for the furnishings:
  • For the walls, I chose SW “Roycroft bottle green”, a preppy hunter green with a hint of gray.
  • The main piece of furniture is a mod sleeper sofa sectional.  You know, in case one of the guys can’t make it home or if the husband needs to stay somewhere else for the night :)
  • A big metal coffee table table lets them not worry about ring marks plus this one doubles as storage.
  • This big pieced cowhide rug is soft but not fluffy, stylish but manly, and should be pretty easy to clean up spills and messes.
  • Matt plays fantasy football and baseball religiously so I thought this wall-mounted fantasy draft dry-erase board would be perfect for him to host their drafts at the house (you know, instead of at Twin Peaks…).
  • And instead of a flat-screen for the games, I stepped it up with a projector.
  • I’ve loved this bar cart forever, even more so after seeing it in a store this weekend, so I had to have it here.  And a great copper bar set of course.
  • I put this pub table in with a couple of these leather-wrapped bar stools to make the “bar area”.
  • I wanted to bring concrete in too so I figured in our dream-world that Matt and I could make a console table for the Playstation, stereo, and cable box using this tutorial on Home Made Modern (such cool stuff!)
  • A couple of wire side chairs provide durable, easily-moved extra seating and I gave the room some still-manly faux fur pillows and a deer print pillow.
  • Guys like to put their feet up so I threw some nautical-ish poufs covered in outdoor fabric in for that.  But don’t call them poufs, I couldn’t get out of that one.
  • For lighting, I chose this black pendant as well as a pulley light to keep with the slight nautical touches.


Here are some other accessories I thought would be great for this space and as cool man-gifts:
These have a finger divet for increased beer holdability.  I actually wish I had grabbed a set of these when we were at C&B on Sunday :/
Our man-cave will have plenty of nautical and fishing-inspired decor so these are perfect for man-cave feasting.  I’ve had my eye on these for Matt for a while.


I laugh out loud every time I look at these, unfortunately the Houston West Elm didn’t have them last weekend.  May be ordering it online soon :)


 Rope door mat
Matt and I took a trip to Maine to visit a friend the first year we started dating and saw this company there.  They take abandoned rope from lobster traps and make super cool doormats out of it.  And they’re super durable since they’re made for the ocean!
 Nautical ship lights
Again with the nautical, I can’t resist.  These would flank the fantasy board in my room :)
I know, this is a stretch.  But in our dream man-space, we would have mounts of the billfish we’ve caught.

What about you guys, what would you put in an updated, well-designed dream man space?  



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20 thoughts on “Dream Man Space

  1. Awesome!! I got to do one for Man Crates too. I love your design! That coffee table is SO cool. And the cowhide rug! So manly. :)

  2. Copper is making a comeback! Seriously, it’s everywhere and I am SO happy about it!! Cool space girl! You’re husband will be a very happy man!

  3. I love all these picks – so fun! I’m not even a dude and I think all of these are great. Love your design!

  4. I LOVE all of the accessories that you have posted here… especially the towel! One of our favourite restaurants back in the UK was called ‘Smoke’ and I was pleasantly reminded of it when seeing that towel!

  5. My boyfriend would love all of this. Haha, the apron made me giggle. I’m stopping by from SITS & I hope your having a great day.

    1. I still think it’s hilarious and I subsequently get the song stuck in my head everytime I look at it :) Thanks Leslie!

  6. Love this space! I was contacted to do this to, but declined because I had no idea what I would put in a man cave. You’ve made me wish I would have tried, now! Thank you so much for sharing this mood board with us!

    1. It was a little overwhelming to start but once I landed on the garage door idea, it all kind of fell into place. Now I’m addicted to putting together rooms :) And Man Crates was so cool about this whole process, wanting to know about our personal interests in the room and how our men do what they do ;)

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