First (really Second) Week Favorites

Last Monday was our anniversary as well as the sweet Mother’s Day giveaway post so my First Week Favorites are a week late this month.  I definitely didn’t want to skip it though because I’ve found quite a handful of things lately that I’ve loved and it was actually really really hard to narrow it down to just six. I may have to double up in June ;)

A roundup of my favorite things for May

Plum Paper planner
If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that I’m due for a new blog planner.  The Plum Paper planners came highly recommended by my fellow bloggers and oh man, I saw why.  I ordered one right away and just got it last week.  Totally in love.
Check it out at the end of this post, as well as a little goodie for you guys!

aged wood shield mirror
In my nightmare mirror search from the master bedroom makeover, I came across a ton that, while they wouldn’t work for this room, I would love to have.  I have a thing for mirrors but not enough wall space for them.  This dude immediately jumped out at me with its beautiful shape and a gray weathered wood finish which I love so much.

Brittany Wright photography
These are by far some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen, especially since they combine two things dear to me: food and OCD-ness. I could scroll through her IG feed for days.

Weatherwood stain
My friend Kristi used some of this stain in her son’s rustic bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge and I instantly was intrigued (see gray weathered wood comment in #2).  You wouldn’t believe some of the finishes this stuff achieves, and all by naturally oxidizing the wood!  Yup, it’s not really a stain at all.  Isn’t that cool?!?  Now to come up with a project so I can use it ;)

palm frond art
We are constantly trimming our palm trees and it kills me that all I’ve ever thought of to do with the fronds is put them in a vase inside, nothing near as cool as this!  Yup, on the list of things to do.

Jenna Sue laundry makeover
As if I didn’t love her enough, Jenna Sue Design had two HUGE reveals in the last month or so and both just blew me away, the first being this amazing laundry space and the other her guest bathroom for the One Room Challenge.  Perfection, everything she does is perfection.  Also, I’m picking some cotton this season and making 8000 wreaths with it.


Like I said in number one, I went with Plum Paper for my next blog planner and got it in last week.  I’m absolutely obsessed with it and I’m not even using it yet!

Where do I even start?
Designs:  There are dozens of adorable designs to choose from.  It took me a good 10 minutes to decide.  I tried to be bold, I really did, but y’all know I love me some natural, muted colors (and fish) so I went with the fish scale wood print one.  The colors on the pages are perfect; not to bright, not too boring.

Type: Aside from just a normal monthly planner, she offers wedding, fitness, teacher, and meal planners too as well as notebooks and memory books.

Options:  You can customize almost every aspect to your planner.  Layouts, sections, extra months, specialty sections, etc. I added additional months, additional to-do lists spread throughout, and the “Blog” section to mine.   My old planner ends in June so I ordered this one to run from July 2015 to December 2016 so that I’d get back to normal-calendar-people time.   I had the hardest time finding a place that had the option of starting in a month other than January.  She’s thick but it’s going to be so nice to have everything organized in one place and be able to plan a good ways ahead.

– It has a plastic cover over it for protection and there’s a folder at the back for holding stuff too.  That’s a must for me and my coupons.

The ultimate monthly planner - Plum Paper planner

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10 thoughts on “First (really Second) Week Favorites

  1. This planner looks really similar to my Erin Condren! I think I might look at this one in 2016! Love it!

    1. I looked at those too Meaghan, there just wasn’t the option of getting one to start in a month other than January :/ I totally suggest one of these though :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your favorites with us at Talented Tuesdays, Emily – these are all really great! I love the blog planner and could certainly use one! And don’t even get me started on Jenna Sue’s blog – holy moly that girl can DIY!

  3. What fun favorites! I’m particularly becoming fond of banana leaves too – they are just so bright and cheery! And thank you for the Plum Paper discount! I’ll have to go and check out to see what she has :)

    1. The husband is not going to be happy about me hanging on to all our trimmed palm tree leaves :) And the planner is so, so good!

  4. SQUEEL! I am totally freaking out right now! Thank you SO much for featuring my product– I am the founder and inventor for Weatherwood– and I’m also a DIY blogger! I super appreciate you sharing the news about our stains. Come up with a project and let’s talk!


    1. Of course! I am LOVING all the projects with Weatherwood, every single finish is gorgeous! I actually may have the perfect project coming up so I’ll shoot you an email :)

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