First Week Favorites

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that we fished a two-day tournament offshore this weekend.  Well, the fishing gods just weren’t on our side and we just weren’t able to get anything to the boat, going 0-6 on our billfish hits :(  It was gorgeous out there and we had alot of fun out there anyway.  Now I’m switching gears and getting the blog and myself ready for our first Haven Conference this Thursday and a trip to New York the next Thursday (baseball hall of fame!!).  There will be a handful of great guest posts along with our Think and Make Thursday link parties and both the Home Depot Gift Challenge and Monthly Ingredient Challenge projects I’ll be sharing while I’m out.

First up, my July “First” Week Favorites :)

Six of my favorite things this month
*some of these are affiliate links, meaning when you click them, I make a small percentage off any purchase you make.  They’re places I love and shop at myself, and doesn’t cost y’all anything, it just supports this blog a little :)


olive buckets
It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Fixer Upper so I love that they’ve got an online store with decor items in her style and sometimes even items featured on the show.  I’ve bought a handful of things so far but my favorite item by far is this olive bucket.  I’ve got the small one in the kitchen to collect bottlecaps but can think of a zillion other places I’d like to use one.  They’re really sturdy and have a cute handle.  Plus, they’re just $18 and $28!

Brick It system
I LOVE a brick wall and always wondered how someone could DIY one easily, without having to reinforce the wall, redo the baseboards, and all kinds of other headaches.   These are real reclaimed bricks which they slice down to just a couple inches thick which you then install with a mounting system and then grout in between.  So awesome.  Definitely bookmarking them for the future!

printed maxi dress
I am in full-on freak out mode getting ready for my first Haven Conference on Thursday and have been shopping like crazy (I even ordered a Stitch Fix!).  I always turn to Francesca’s when I need new cute clothes and this maxi dress is probably the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn.  I love the pattern and it’s nice and flowy.  Thinking it’ll be perfect for the plane!

Buff neck gaiter
My Buff has been like a second skin this summer with all the field investigations I’ve had for work in the last week and the two days we spent offshore this weekend.  I think almost every one of us was wearing one on the boat.  These things are absolute lifesavers during any outdoor summer activity.  I usually wear mine around my neck but you can use it like a dozen ways; my friend will wear hers as a headband and Matt uses his to cover his face while fishing.  My little tip: dunk it in the cooler water then put it on!

jadeite juicer
Ok, so I know I praised my little stainless steel juicer in my kitchen gadget post a couple weeks ago, and I still do love him, but then I got a Food52 email with this pretty ‘lil thing.  I’m still trying to restrain myself from ordering it but I fear it’s just a matter of time.

shark baby robe
In honor of Shark Week, this shark baby robe may be the most awesome baby thing ever.  I’m surrounded by adorable little nuggets and friends soon to have adorable little nuggets and I would love to get one of these for every single one of them.  In conjunction with these Beach Bum Bloomers.  I can’t even. This entire collection is adorable.


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