First Week Favorites

I hope everyone is recovering from their Fourth of July/Canada Day celebrations last weekend!  I know I’m still working on it.  Lots of beach time, lots of boat time, tons of good food, tons of beach treasures, plus a good ‘ol sunburn means it was a success.   Those five days were MUCH needed after all the work in the kitchen, but I’m happy to report that the cabinets are done!  I repeat, the cabinets are done!  There’s still a few of the other projects I need to wrap up but it already looks like a whole new space.  Just a few.more.weeks….

Here are July’s First Week Favorites!!

Six of my favorite finds from the last month!

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rustic industrial barstools

If I didn’t already find some beautiful industrial barstools for our house, these would be in my cart right meow because I do prefer stools with backs.  I love the finish on the wood and always love some exposed bolts/hardware.

summer floral dress

I’m getting ready for my second Haven conference in just four short weeks and am trying to find some cute dresses for the evenings.  Comfortable, belly-hiding, fashionable, lightweight…it’s so hard!!  Between the suitcase for clothes and the suitcase for swag, it looks like I’m moving to Russia at the airport when I go to Haven.

rope laundry basket

I need about five laundry rooms in my house for all the cute laundry hampers I see in stores.  Luckily I don’t have five and am all set for our one because this cutie is super tempting.  Who knew a hamper could be so perfectly nautical as well as functional?

garden stool

Yes, another garden stool. While I’m usually a pattern-phobe, I think this one is GORGEOUS with it’s wood top and ceramic-tile inspired pattern.  Perfect for summer!

glass bubble light

Don”t the circles on this light look like bubbles in the water or little pools of water?  I bet it’s gorgeous when it’s lit up and that it puts a really cool pattern on the ceiling.  Bonus?  It’s recycled glass!

propeller coasters

I stumbled on this awesome coaster set while browsing around the other day and think it would be a really cool gift for someone with a house on the water or to bring a subtle nautical flair to a space.




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