First Week Favorites

The struggle is real y’all.  I just can’t get my rear in gear lately, like I’m still recovering from that kitchen project and don’t want to do.a.thing.  Anyone else get these slumps??  I’m so sorry I’ve been slacking around here but I promise I’ll get back to it soon.  And for today, a post that’s been put off for four days now…my September First Week Favorites :)

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Six of my favorite finds from shopping around the web this month

retro clock

Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of color, but if there’s a color that does always get me it’s seafoam or jade green.  I love how classic it is, especially on this super cute clock!

Ikea MUREN recliner

This puppy was an impulse buy at Ikea a few weeks ago by…wait for it….THE HUSBAND!!  I was just beelining it straight to the small stuff but he wanted to detour in the furniture and check out the chairs and went right to this guy.  Y’all a few years ago when we were shopping for a living room chair, this is the anti of everything he wanted!  Light color, smaller scale, not a manly-enough recline…all of it… but I guess my incessant decorating has rubbed off on him because he loved it and even said it’d look perfect in our living room.  I looked around to see if anyone nearby was observing this miracle.  Squeezed it in the back of my car and hauled it around Austin for a few days before heading home.  I can’t wait to get some new shots of it soon to share so stay tuned.

macrame table runner

I have a weakness for table runners lately, thanks to a newfound love of tablescaping.  I love the texture and pattern this one gives while still being (of course) neutral.  And bonus, if you know how to macrame I’m sure this would be an easy DIY too!

hemmed bedding

I’m itching for a change of bedding in our guest room (who knows why) and I’m thinking texture instead of pattern now.  This set is in the front running right now, I like that it’s got detail but isn’t girly or feminine really and it reminds me of the waves in the sand at the beach :)

metal lanterns

Look at these rusty chickenwire farmhouse beauties!!  They’d be so pretty with some fall decor and pumpkins on a table or around a porch or patio.  AND they’re on sale right now!

USB tassel keychain

From what I see “the kids” these days wearing, apparently tassels are a thing right now.  Score, this one is useful and trendy then! You’ll always have it on you to grab a quick charge for your phone or to easily transfer stuff off of it.  It comes in alot of other pretty colors too.


And as usual, see you next Wednesday for our September Monthly DIY Challenge!  We’ve got an awesome giveaway we can’t wait to share! 




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