First Week Favorites

While I absolutely love shopping for Christmas gifts (online, no store shopping for me if I can avoid it) and love when they all show up on our doorstep, I’m definitely not a fan of wrapping all of them.  I really need to pay more attention to the gift wrapping options at checkout.  How about you guys, do you like the wrapping part or notsomuch either??

My December First Week Favorites are kind of all over the place thanks to all the online shopping happening now, a few would make great gifts and there’s even one to make that dreaded wrapping a little more fun :)

Six of my favorite finds from around the web lately!
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pom pom baby blanket

We’re just one month out from our baby shower and I keep finding adorable things to add to our registry.  Sure I’ve got all the basics on there, but there’s so many talented and unique shops and makers who have the cutest pieces and I want all.of.them.  My newest want are these pom-pom fringe blankets. Swoon!

pregnancy journal

I really wanted to remember all the little milestones through this pregnancy as well as have something to keep me positive and excited through it, especially in the beginning when we couldn’t believe we were actually finally there. I found this little book and it’s been fun to jot down every few weeks how I’m feeling, important dates, and to express what we’re looking forward to.

galvanized stool

Always with the cute stools over at Wayfair.  The finish on this one is perfectly rustic and would be great in all sorts of styles in all sorts of rooms.  If it wouldn’t rust in .3929 seconds out on our back porch I’d snatch it up in a second.

bronze lantern

I’m kind of having a thing with lanterns lately and I’ve found so many I love over at Pier 1.  How cute and unique is this funky little guy?!

funky wrapping paper

Our presents are always wrapped pretty neutral (always a fan of Kraft paper) but I am loving this wrapping paper which could work for all kinds of events, and who doesn’t love some party unicorns, flamingos, and sharks?!

Ryobi garage door opener

We were totally smitten with this thing when it came out earlier this year, but now that our TWENTY year old unit won’t respond to anything but the wall control so we’ve been having to park outside, we are thisclose to upgrading.  The add-on modules are so freaking cool and convenient and so is controlling it from the app, plus it uses the same One+ batteries that all our other Ryobi tools run off of.





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