First Week Favorites

Man, this last month or so has been non-stop and while we have enjoyed all of it (fishing, family and beach time!) my project time has been severely lacking unfortunately.  There are blog posts and a number of little projects in the works as well as bigger things like finishing up our master bathroom update and oh yeah, weren’t we organizing the garage?  But we are gone again this weekend (Houston for the Rangers/Astros game!), so it’ll all have to wait at least another week.  Summer is such a busy time for us no matter how hard we try to stick around, and we don’t even have kids yet :/

Some of my favorite blog posts are when people share their current favorite finds, inspirations, or random stuff they’re digging at that moment.  I have found such cool stuff for gifts and for myself through those that I wouldn’t have found on my own.  So here at T&H, on the first Monday (or Tuesday) of each month, I’ll be sharing six things I’m crazy about at that time with you guys.  Home, clothes, gifts, personal, all kinds of stuff.  Here they are for August!

Non-Ugly Table Fan

We have two fans, a tower and a table top, in our bedroom because 1) one or both of us gets hot every.single.night and 2) we like to have noise to sleep by so we don’t freak ourselves out all night long.  Both of said fans are so so ugly.  Why do they have to make fans such eyesores?  Would it be so bad to make them just a little bit more stylish??  Bronze, wood, anything?  I’m on a mission to find something a little more interesting that will at least look like real decor, if not replacing both fans, at least replacing the table top one.  Something like this guy.  Yes, I know $200 is insane but he is just inspiration.  I’m on the hunt for his cheaper little brother, unless he goes on sale sometime soon or turns into a tower version for that price.

Cruiser Bike Pillow

I love me a cruiser bike, especially a cruiser bike with a basket on it.  I have a sixthreezero with a basket AND a flower that I ride all over the island and take to Austin City Limits every year :)  So as soon as I got my Joss & Main email and saw this pillow, I loved it.  I just wish my basket had a bouquet of flowers in it.  That, or a cat.  I want a cat that’ll ride in my basket some day.

Pretty iPhone Case

I’ve always had Lifeproof cases for my iPhones because of my work, our general hobbies, and my clumsiness, and it has saved me I don’t know how many times.  It’s been dropped in aquariums, in the sand on the beach, on concrete, and doused in saltwater on the boat, all totally fine.  That being said, it’s not the most feminine case (unless I get pink and that’s NOT happening).  I see so many adorable cases and want to change mine out every time, especially when I saw these by Casesbycsera on Etsy.  Every single one of them is so pretty!  If I think I can be a big-girl and not ruin my phone as soon as I get a regular case, I’m ordering one from here stat!  Or a stocking stuffer idea for husband :)

LeCreuset Matte Line

I didn’t think I could love LC any more but then they came out with this matte finish line.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  There is a pale blue (Mineral Blue), a white (Cotton), and a tan (Sisal).  My favorite is the cotton.  I use my “Ocean” LeCreuset bakeware we got in our registry for everything but I sure could use another smaller covered dish, like this 3qt. round casserole.  I think the Cotton would look so pretty with my Ocean color I have now and our white dishes :)

Tiny House Swoon

I saw this website on StumbleUpon and immediately spent like thirty minutes looking through it.  So many cool little places with just as much style and function as a regular house (and cool places)!  I’ve always thought it would be cool to fix up an old camper (LOVE following Mandi’s update to “the Nugget” at Vintage Revivals) or have a little treehouse somewhere so all of the tiny houses on here intrigue me.

Threshold Barstools

I have had my eye on these stools for months and keep waiting for them to be in stock during a sale.  I’ve missed my chance before so I’m watching them like a hawk now.  I love the mix of industrial and rustic.  I think they would look great with our coastal/modern/rustic vibe as well as the grays and woods in our kitchen and dining room.  The husband is not so convinced of their necessity, hence the wait for a good sale…and credit card rewards points ;)

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9 thoughts on “First Week Favorites

  1. Tiny House swoon is so cool! I wonder if I could downsize that much. I would love to at some point! Not really possible right now with teenagers but in the future perhaps? The minimalist life is looking very appealing…

  2. Not sure if I could do it full time either but definitely as a little vacation getaway spot!! Anything to be in pretty places :)

    1. I saw a close runner-up at HomeGoods today but it didn’t have enough ooomph in the air moving department :/

  3. Tiny House Swoon is one of my favorites right now! It is really a great inspirational tool as my hubby and I plan our tiny house.

    I’m loving that iPhone case!!

    (visiting from the Week’s End link-up)

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