First Week Favorites

Happy February everyone!  How were your Super Bowl festivities?  Did anyone else freak out as much as we did when Missy Elliot came out during halftime?!? I am almost always anti-halftime-show cause they’re usually pretty crappy in my opinion but this one was fantastic, and I’m not even a huge Katy Perry fan.  I could have done without the hokie beach part but I will take one of those shark costumes for Halloween next year…or the palm tree…or the beach ball…yes, any of them.

First Week Favorites - Table & Hearth


*some of these are affiliate links, meaning when you click them, I make a small percentage off any purchase you make.  It’s stuff I love and doesn’t cost y’all anything, it just supports this blog a little :)

12 things you didn’t know about Airstreams
I grew up going camping with my parents and I can’t wait for when we can have one for our kiddos someday, and when we do, I’m gonna try as hard as I can to get an Airstream.  They’re just so well-made, cool-looking, and iconic.  Would love to remodel one :)

aether cone speaker
Yes, I know, I already put of these on my guy’s Valentine’s gift list but I am just so crazy about them that I had to put it on here too. So, so cool.

rattan pendant
One of the houses on the Port Aransas home tour yesterday (that I couldn’t photograph) had these amazing rattan light fixtures which I’m now on a mission to track down for over our breakfast nook.  I am still super bummed I couldn’t photograph those for you guys.  #bloggerfail There was so much inspiration and I came back excited and re-invigorated for our coastal style.

whale pillow
Craftberry Bush is a gorgeous blog and her watercolor artwork is amazing, I plan on snagging one of her pillows soon, and one of her iphone covers may not be out of the question either.

minted business cards
At 11am today I will be registering for my first blogging conference, Haven 2015 in Atlanta in July!  Therefore, I’m starting to think about designs for blog business cards and oh man, does Minted have some beauties!  Foil love!

liquor cabinet
Our top pantry shelf has become the liquor cabinet and it has come to the point when I need to regain ownership of it.  It’s just a matter of time before a bottle of Crown comes crashing down on me and the tile floor.  A small sideboard that can fit in the breakfast nook would be perfect, and I LOVE this one!  Doors are a must but if I (or Rosalie) can thrift an old cabinet, maybe I can DIY something.  Maybe.

The office shelves are finally done and the reveal will finally, FINALLY!, be up this week!!! Eeee!!

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  1. Lurrrve all these picks, especially that pillow! I’m in LOVE with Craftberry Bush! And I totes want a super bowl shark costume too…

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