First Week Favorites

It’s time for another First Week Favorites!  I hope everyone had a beautiful and fun Easter Sunday yesterday filled with family and all kinds of goodies.  We spent ours birding along the Mexico border and spending time with the husband’s grandmother who lives down there.  We try to bird there every Easter since usually it’s prime spring migration for orioles, warblers, and other little pretties, but they haven’t made it up quite yet this year.  We did see a TON of hawks though, stocked up on ginormous grapefruits off her tree, and had a great visit so we were happy!

A collection of things I've been dreaming and raving about over the last month.

*some of these are affiliate links, meaning when you click them, I make a small percentage off any purchase you make.  They’re places I love and shop at myself, and doesn’t cost y’all anything, it just supports this blog a little :)

wood bead chandelier
You guys know I have a weakness for lighting and oh my gosh, this thing.  I would add on to our house just so I had somewhere to put this.  If ceiling fans weren’t as important as walls down here, this would be in my master bedroom immediately.

leather ballet flats
I have an amazing husband who got me my dream pair of Frye riding boots for Christmas and they are the most comfortable things ever.  Knowing that, I am even more in love with their spring collection and would kill for pair of their flats in every color.

not fugly floor fan
I know, I know.  This guy is on my ORC master bedroom mood board last Thursday but I just can’t get over how amazing it is to finally see a stylish, decent looking floor fan.  Yes it is pricey but man, it’s the only one I’ve found that I don’t want to hide in the corner of the room so I can’t help but feel it’s really worth it.  I hope he can make it into our room someday soon.

light-colored jute area rug
  I am so excited to put a rug under our bed and I’m really liking the idea of using a lighter-than-normal-jute jute rug and the color of this one looks perfect.  I also love it’s more slender, slightly different, weave pattern.

Cook’s Illustrated magazine
I wasn’t much company on the way down to the valley this weekend as I was completely immersed in this magazine.  My foodie aunt gave me a copy at Christmas and I’m just now getting to it.  The wealth of information in just one issue is insane!  The tips! The tricks! The wealth of knowledge on ingredients!  Geez, it’s everything.  My science-head loves the reader question section because the editors take it upon themselves to set up “experiments” about the questions in real recipes and compare the results instead of just rattling off what they think may work/happen. I would have to keep of these for reference.

nautical coasters
I stumbled across this company from another blog and love all of it!  Nautical goodness. My favorites are these coasters as well as the knobs, keychains, and wedding placecard holders.


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