Green Sea Designs Brand Reps

Welcome to the Green Sea Designs family!

What started as a simple assignment in a grad school class ten years ago has become a creative outlet that captures our love of both science and art.  Alyssa and I are passionate about showing the beauty and intricacy of our oceans by showing one of its most basic forms, marine algae, in artful and fluid ways.

New botanical prints of marine algae in the Green Sea Designs Etsy shop!

Each of our pieces consists of hours of delicate work.  We scour our coastlines for various species and carefully collect individual specimens, then press them over a number of weeks to preserve them.  These original presses are then professionally photographed, digitized, and then printed.  We choose to provide prints in our shop rather than originals because the original presses are so delicate and often lose their color over time.

New botanical prints of marine algae in the Green Sea Designs Etsy shop!

We aim to do two large releases per year, spring/summer and fall/winter, with each release consisting of different species of algae depending on seasonal changes in our algal populations.

You are here because we admire your home’s style, your eye for design, and for your beautiful social feed.  We feel like our pieces would be appreciated by other nature-lovers and are so thankful you have chosen to help us share our pieces with your followers.  It is such an honor for you to incorporate our pieces into your spaces and to have your support for this little shop we are so passionate about, even if it is a little nerdy ;)

What is required as a GSD brand rep:

  • Commitment of three months – Spring/Summer 2018 will run July 1 – September 30, 2018
  • One post per month on Instagram – Further shares on other social platforms or in blog posts is of course welcome and appreciated
  • Instagram Story to accompany each post – if you have the swipe up feature, please link it to the shop
  • Tag @greenseadesigns and @tableandhearth in all postings
  • Use the hashtags #greenseadesigns in each post
  • You are free to frame the print and display it how you wish, but no modifications to the actual print please
  • Posts don’t have to be all about the print, it can be a part of a wider shot, just as long as a mention of the print and shop is included

And what YOU get as a GSD brand rep:

  • One print of your choice from the shop – Contact me with your choice and I will get it sent out ASAP so you can start posting
  • Use code “GSDREP” to get 50% off any other pieces for the duration of the term
  • I will repost your shares on the @greenseadesigns and @tableandhearth social accounts
  • You will have a custom coupon code for 10% off to share with your readers – these will be valid until the end of your timeline (Sept 30 for Spring/Summer)
  • Feel free to use your own affiliate link to the shop
Thanks so much for your support!!

If you have any questions at all feel free to DM or email me at! 

Further background information about the shop can be found at these posts:

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New botanical prints of marine algae in the Green Sea Designs Etsy shop!