Holiday Shopping Guide for the Crafters and Makers

The holidays are finally upon us and so is the best shopping!  I’m sure you guys stick around here because you’re like me and like to create, craft, DIY, make, and learn all sorts of new things, and you probably know others who are like this too.  While I think we’re pretty easy to buy for because we’re interested in so many different topics, it may not be all that easy because what interests us and what we love isn’t always the mainstream features and deals you see this time of year.

So, I browsed around and thought about things myself and other creatives I know like to do and came up with a dozen holiday gift ideas for folks like us, or as my husband called us when I asked him what to call this post…”weekend tinker warriors” which I agree describes us perfectly :)

Holiday Shopping Guide for Crafters and Makers - 12 perfect gifts for the crafter and maker!

*Affiliate links included for your convenience.  I received a Jord watch for this post but all opinions are always my own.  Click here to see my full disclosure policy


patina paint kits

You’ve seen me play with these a few times now (here and here) and they are so freaking cool.  These all-in-one kits will let anyone transform ordinary items to something much more interesting and within their style

cutting machine

These still intimidate the heck out of me but almost all my blogger friends have one and do AMAZING things with them.  It’s insane how much these little machines can do.

home canning kit

This is one of my new interests that I’m super excited about.  My aunt cans like crazy so when we were back home last month she taught me how to do some jelly and I was hooked.  As soon as I got home I ordered everything I needed and got to work.  It’s SO much easier than I thought it was and I know it’ll be super useful for stuff out of the garden as well as making my own baby food.

crochet needles

I’ve crocheted for years and have found that these aluminum needles are by far my favorite since they won’t bend and feel heavier in your hand.  Crocheting is easy to learn and is really relaxing, plus if you mess up you just unwind and start over!

cordless hot glue gun

I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new Ryobi glue gun.  My first cordless hot glue gun was revolutionary but now there’s one that will run off of the One+ batteries we already have for!!  Completely cordless now!!  This puppy got released like, yesterday, and I am thisclose to getting it immediately.

wood watch

Wood is one of my favorite mediums to work with (the older the better too) so if you know someone who loves to create but also likes to be stylish and fashionable, these wood watches are perfect.  I’ve got this rose gold gem and LOVE it.  I was a little worried that it would be too chunky for me but it is super comfortable and light and I’ve already gotten a ton of compliments on it.  They have a ton of styles, colors, and species in both men’s and women’s watches to choose from.


spray shelter

These are still some of the coolest little contraptions for people who love to paint things and I recommend them to everyone.  It is so nice not to have to worry about overspray and the newer model of the big one even has some screen doors that come down to keep bugs and debris off your items!

sewing machine

I’ll admit, this is the number one thing I still want to learn (second is knitting).  My aunt gave me a wonderful new machine when I graduated grad school and I got far enough to make a pillowcase.  But the only big working area in our house is either the floor or dining room table and I couldn’t leave it all out on the table for more than a few days, so I haven’t learned since.  But I firmly believe everyone should know how to sew and the machines make it so easy these days.

magnetic wristband

For both the sewer and the DIYer, I need one of these myself too.  ALWAYS losing the screws and needles!  This would be a perfect stocking stuffer.

high quality craft scissors

It took a long time for me to realize what a difference having quality scissors makes but now that I do I’ll always invest in quality ones.  It’s so nice to have scissors that cut like buttah which you don’t have to jack with.  I like these sets with big scissors for fabrics and larger projects and smaller ones for yarn and thread.  It’s a lot like quality cooking tools IMO.

plant press

You know about my botanical art shop that opened back in May and know why I added this (if not, check it out!).  We learned to press plants for marine botany back in graduate school and it was something I loved doing.  It blends science and art plus a little intricacy, all things I love.  They can press leaves and flowers from their yard or from their travels then display them around the house.  I like this size because it will accommodate small whole plants and larger specimens.

raised garden bed

The first thing I wanted to do when we bought our home was install a raised garden bed and we’ve had some great years with ours.  It’s fun to experiment with different things and learn what does well when and why.  Frustrating at times, yes, but that is part of it and it doesn’t matter when you get to bite into that super buttery potato or juicy red tomato that you grew yourself.  There’s no better feeling than that.  My favorite so far?  Carrots!  Our bed needs some maintenance and I’m really thinking of updating it to one of their recycled plastic boards versions to withstand our harsh weather here.  Love all the different sizes and options they offer!


I hope this helped you get some ideas on what to get those creatives you know, or even give you a few ideas of what to ask for yourself this season!

Do you have any other great gift ideas for folks like us?   Drop a comment and let everyone know!

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Holiday Shopping Guide for Crafters and Makers - 12 perfect gifts for the crafter and maker!



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2 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping Guide for the Crafters and Makers

  1. I would love cordless glue gun and the cutting machine. Just cannot afford one. I have seen amazing items made with one of them, but cost is just too much.
    Thank you for the list.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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