Little Texas – Home State Canvas

Aside from being one of my favorite 90s country bands (“Amy’s Back in Austin”?  “My Love”?  Anyone? No? Just me?), Little Texas also can refer to my new piece on our office gallery wall.  This  little gallery wall has plenty of room to add to it and I’ve been anxious to start filling it in since we put the first few pieces up.  I knew I wanted to DIY some of it so when I saw my friend Erica’s state canvas over at Dwell Beautiful, I just had to do one for Texas.  I mean, we already have my state bird art from Wooden Pencil Co. up there so why not go with more state stuff?

I headed over to JoAnn’s after work this week to pick up the supplies for this and a few other projects and found everything I needed except for the stencil.  I did like four laps around that store (and we have a big JoAnn’s) and couldn’t find them anywhere.  I finally asked an employee who told me they don’t carry stencils.  Um, ex-squeeze me?!?  JoAnn’s doesn’t carry stencils???  What kind of crafts store doesn’t have stencils???  I was floored.  And I refused to drive to Hobby Lobby (bleh) or Michael’s (in a horrible location) just for a stencil so I changed my design.

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{Supplies for Home State Canvas}

I got a small (4″x4″) canvas to even out the sizes in the gallery wall, and to leave me more room for future art :)  I grabbed gold paint cause I love the way it looks against dark blues like our wall is and found an outline of Texas online then played with the scale to get it down to the right size.  I traced my Texas onto a piece of paperboard so it would have more rigidity, cut it out, then taped it onto the canvas.

And just painted around it (radiating outwards) and on the sides.  I’m no craft paint connoisseur by any means but this gold Martha craft paint may be my new most favorite thing ever, I want to paint everything with it.

Erica added a cute little red glitter heart to hers where she lives but I don’t really heart where we live (Corpus Christi) at all so until we live somewhere glitter-heart-worthy, a little sand dollar from the beach is what it’ll have cause the beach is the only thing I like about it here.  But I’m not huge on the sand dollar since it blends in so much so I might change it out for another shell or dried flower or something down the line.  NOT an “A&M” symbol as the husband requested.  I mean, gig ’em and all, but not on this piece :)

I love it and am totally addicted to making my own canvas art now.  I sense alot more popping up around here, particularly with gold on it :)



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36 thoughts on “Little Texas – Home State Canvas

  1. I LOVE how this turned out, Emily! I love how it is a reverse of mine – I think it helps the state outline pop more! Gold is always a fabulous choice and I love the incorporation of the sand dollar! Totally stellar :)

    1. It still needs a little oomph though I think. I kinda wanted to do another color closer to the Texas but couldn’t decide what so just left it. Much more gold paint canvas fun in my future though ;)

  2. How cute! I keep seeing those adorable little canvases at craft store but I can never think of what to do with one, but this is just perfect!

  3. This is so cute! And so incredibly easy, too, which I’m all about. I’ve totally noticed that about Joann’s and not carrying stencils, and it’s so frustrating! It’s RIGHT by my house and Michael’s is on the other side of our town. Still, not too far, but it’s principle! Visiting from Strut Your Stuff :)

    1. I just don’t understand why they are anti-stencil!! If I could just combine them, HL, and Michael’s into one I’d finally have a decent craft store, I’m so tired of having to hit more than one up all the time. Maybe us bloggers should start our own store ;)

  4. So cute! I might have to do this when I do my office. We are displaced Texans, but will always have love for our home state!

  5. I love this! I live in Maryland and want to make one now. Thanks so much for linking up to YDTT! Have a great week :)

  6. I love having State themed walls! This is such a great idea! and I just love that Texas bird print!!! Wooden Pencil CO is one of my favorites!

  7. I want to make one of these of Texas (for my husband, who loves where he’s from) and one of AZ for me (where I’m from.) And we don’t live in either of those states, so this would be great for us.
    Thanks for the tutorial. Pinning.

  8. Very cute! I have a good friend who just moved from MA back to Austin, this would be the perfect house warming gift!

  9. So cute Emily! I am so doing two of these a Texas one and a Barbados one. Luv this idea, thanks for linking it up to Pin Worthy Wednesday :)

  10. How creative! Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. :-)

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