Roasted Veggie Enchiladas with Sweet Chili Corn Sauce

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We have been super busy the last week with family visits so I haven’t had much time to finish another post for this week.  Last weekend my mom and aunt were down and when my aunt and I get together, we cook our butts off.  We knocked out quite a few of my recipe to-dos which I will get to share with you guys in the upcoming weeks.  But today, I’m stopping in real quick to share this star from the feast, Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas with a Sweet Corn Chili Sauce from The Kitchen McCabe.  I’ve had it saved for forever and am so glad I finally tried it!

Note that the recipe is written for 12-15 people!  I didn’t pay attention to this (of course) until about halfway through when I noticed how much corn I needed.  We promptly adjusted the recipe for half thank goodness.
The veggies get mixed with the seasonings and baked (man they smelled good!).  The frozen corn is tossed on halfway through baking.
While the veggies are baking, I made the sweet corn chili sauce.  Now, as per usual, I forgot to get the green chilis, so I diced up some jarred jalapenos instead and they worked great.  But some real roasted green chilis would be in this!

And instead of the green enchilada sauce, I used some of my aunts badass homemade tomatillo salsa she brought.  I have no clue what the coconut palm sugar is and was pretty dang sure I wouldn’t be able to find it around here so I didn’t even bother and used Sugar In the Raw instead.

Mmmm, aunt’s tomatillo salsa, mmmmm.  The sauce is tangy from the jalapenos and onions but sweet from the corn, sugar, and the tomatillo salsa.  Love me some sweet with savory.
Roll ’em up with some fresh grated cheese.  I had lots of veggies left over since they were pre-huge-recipe-realization but they heated up great and I ate them for lunch at work for a few days :)
As you can see, I got 10 enchiladas in my 9×13″ LeCreuset.  The sauce gets poured over all of it.  And I could have stood to have more of the sauce so it may get doubled next time.
Top with more cheese and some smoked paprika because it’s pretty.  Always used grated real cheese instead of buying pre-shredded.  As much as I hate shredding cheese, I make myself do it because the pre-shredded stuff just doesn’t melt well at all and weirds me out.
I’m not a fan of crusty cheese on enchiladas so I always bake mine covered.  Another reason I luuuurrrve my LeCreuset covered dish.
These came out so so good!  Even though they are vegetarian, I even got husband’s approval!!  The veggies are still crisp enough to be a nice substantial filling and the sauce brings in a whole different level with it’s slight sweetness.  So many flavors in this dish!
Gah, sorry, the lighting was horrible cause it was late :/  I didn’t really want to bring in any other flavors like salsa or beans or anything so I served it with just a dollop-o-Daisy and some messy-looking avocado slices.
We are off to spend some time at the beach with my cousin and her adorable baby bump.  Follow along on my Instagram for some beach pics over the weekend :)

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