Make a Statement with Unique Holiday Cards

For all of my adult life, I’ve dreamed of when I could send holiday cards out as my very own family.  As much as I tried to convince my husband to send some out as boyfriend/girlfriend before we got married (Ross and Mona, anyone?), he of course never went for it.  And then the first couple of holidays after getting married, I never thought of it in time to get them out.  So, this is the year!  Finally!!
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I knew right away I’d be getting them from Minted.  They’re my favorite source for unique stationary, art, and decor, and I love that all of their designs are from independent artists from around the globe.  From wedding stationary, party decor, and fine art, I’ve always found something I loved there, and it always takes me weeks, seriously, to narrow down and make a choice.  Picking out our holiday cards was no different.  Minted offers all kinds of designs, greetings, topics, and layouts to choose from,  but before I show you which ones we went with, let’s take a look at some of my favorites of each!


Ultra luxe metallic foil holiday cards from Minted

Bling is always a good thing, and Minted has an entire line of cards with beautiful gold, silver, and copper foil accents.   You can even send in a completely custom design (like the kiddo’s artwork) to make into your card, and also have that foiled!

***Starting today, through next Monday 11/16, get 20% off all foil products with code “FOIL” at checkout!!***



Make your holiday cards multi-purpose with Minted's ornament cards!

I absolutely LOVE the idea of a card that can double as an ornament (no more hanging them in blinds!) and these were some of the prettiest in my opinion.  Spoiler alert, this is what I picked :)



Minted's vast selection of beautiful, classic holiday cards.

Letterpressing is always a nice, luxe touch and instantly makes stationary look so fancy and expensive.  Actually, when I made blog business cards, the first requirement was for them to be letterpressed and it’s gorgeous.



Minted's vast selection of beautiful, classic holiday cards.

If you’re like us, you don’t always have great photos on hand every year to use on your holiday cards.  Actually, the only card-worthy pictures we have are from our wedding and it’s probably a bit faux-pas to use two year old wedding pics on your holiday card.  Maybe some year we’ll have some gorgeous and fun professional photos taken, but until then, I’m happy that Minted has such awesome non-photo cards to choose from as well.



Keep your holiday cards simple and easy with Minted's postcard holiday cards!

If you’re looking for an option that’s a bit easier on the budget, there’s also a huge selection of postcard holiday cards too!  No envelope needed, no fancy addressing needed, and much less postage, all without sacrificing the awesome designs of course.



Use the holidays to make that special announcement to your family and friends with Minted's holiday announcement cards!

Kill two birds with one stone and make your holiday cards also your wedding announcements, new home announcements, birth announcement, or whatever announcement.  What better way to spread the word and bring all sorts of warm fuzzies?!



Wish your family and friends a happy New Year with Minted's New Years cards

Not so big on holiday or Christmas cards and would rather focus on the new year?  Minted also has a huge selection of New Years cards too and they’re just as awesome.



Wanna say more than a normal holiday card? Minted's booklet cards lets you share all about your year in gorgeous style!

Got more to say than a cards-worth?  There’s also Booklette and Minibook “cards” which you can fill with all kinds of family news, updates, and photos.


As I mentioned, I went for some non-photo ornament cards to send out this year, and I love that they’re more of a unique holiday card.  I love me some multi-tasking and just love the idea of a card doubling as an ornament.  After MUCH deliberation, we settled on “Merry Florals”.   You can probably also tell by my picks above, as well as our cards here, that I really like the non-traditional colors and designs on cards.  Less red and green, and more black, navy, and white.

GORGEOUS holiday cards from Minted! Unique and versatile styles to fit anyone's taste and budget

As always, their packaging is impeccable and organized.  We went for the custom addressing (it’s free!!!!) on the silver envelopes with matching return address bands.  This coordinated set makes me squeal with happiness, it’s soooo pretty!!!!

GORGEOUS holiday cards from Minted! Unique and versatile styles to fit anyone's taste and budget

I think these are a pretty good start to a new holiday card tradition and am already looking forward to picking out next year’s.  I’m probably going to become one of those people who sends out stationary for every little event, but who can blame me when there’s this amount of pretty designs to choose from??

And right now, Minted is offering:
15% off holiday cards with the purchase of $150+ with the code “JOY” at checkout
10% off holiday cards with the purchase of $100+ with the code “JOY” at checkout
20% off all foil products through 11/16 (not just holiday cards!) with the code “FOIL” at checkout

So what about you guys, do you still send out holiday cards?  What type of card do you usually send?





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4 thoughts on “Make a Statement with Unique Holiday Cards

    1. Thank you, and thank you for your concern. I completely understand. Minted is a very special marketplace of curated independent artists’ designs printed on high-quality products. Everything I have ever purchased from Minted has been beautiful, amazing quality and I am happy to support those artists. Since this is the first year we are sending cards, I was very excited and chose to purchase a few add-ons for our cards. There are many options at lower price points in their selection. Minted also frequently (very frequently!) offers discounts, promotions, free shipping, and coupon codes on their products and you can find three current discount codes on holiday cards at the bottom of this post to apply to any purchase.

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