Tech and Sweet Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Since it’s time to start gearing up for our next holiday, Valentine’s Day, I picked my dude’s brain and gathered a few items to make up a quick little gift guide.   One of which is what I got the husband last Valentine’s and is one of my favorite gift ideas ever.1 Valentine's gift list

I am picturing a cozy Saturday evening at the house, giving a gift for him (two), a gift for your love (six), putting on some tunes through some sweet speakers and the Chromecast (three and five), having a decadent chocolate stout beer cake for dessert (four), and watching what my husband says are a dude’s most favorite movies (one).  Sounds like a pretty perfect V-day if you ask me!

one – ultimate man movie marathon
two – fancy-but-casual watch
three – Sonos wireless speakers
four – chocolate stout cake  (I’ve made this, and it’s goooood, see here)
five – Google Chromecast

six – wedding vow canvases from Riata at BisforBrown on Etsy

*some of these are affiliate links, meaning when you click them, I make a small percentage off any purchase you make.
It’s stuff I love and doesn’t cost y’all anything, it just supports this blog a little :)

I got the canvases in #6 as my gift to Matt last Valentine’s Day, our first as a married couple, and we love them.  I got ours as 16″ squares then had them printed at Easy Canvas Prints.  Both were so easy to work with and Riata was super patient with the special sizing and all our wording.  I hung them right by the door to our master bedroom so we get to glance at those sweet (and funny) words every day.

2 wedding vow canvases3 wedding vow canvases

I love mixing a sweet gift in with his manly gifts.and he really did love these last year.  It was funny and sweet to sit and read our vows again and get to pick a place to hang them.  Easy Canvas Prints has 25% Off Custom Canvas Prints and Free Shipping right now, just in time for printing them for Valentine’s Day.


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8 thoughts on “Tech and Sweet Valentine’s Gifts for Him

    1. Ours were just the perfect size, and she had a chalkboard-like background I was thisclose to getting too. Post pics if you get some! And I’m all for anything that gets rid of wires!!

  1. I love these ideas, Emily! Having your vows on canvas is especially sweet. I need to think about doing that when I update our bedroom decor. What a wonderful reminder to look at those promises every single day.

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