Wild Air Company + Promo!

Ooooo, Friday the 13th!!  No bad luck on the blog today, I am going to counter it with a super lucky find and a super good promo code for you all :)
When I downloaded the new Pippit app last week (I am @tableandhearth), right away this gorgeous piece of artwork popped up on my feed.  I immediately clicked it and headed over to the Etsy shop that posted it and oh man, instant art love!!  The shop is Casey and Brooklyn’s Wild Air & Co out of Austin, TX and the piece I fell in love with was the Hand Illustrated Tree Rings on Wood by Casey.  Y’all know I love me some trees!  I ordered the medium and received it just a few days later in the most gorgeous packaging.

The floral card on the front, which is a smaller version of this print at their shop, included this oh-so sweet and meaningful message from Casey that just made my heart swell!  It is so thoughtful to add this very personal touch to an order and something you don’t get everyday.

When I unwrapped it I was amazed at the detail, so precise and meticulous.

I leaned it up against the wall on our foyer table and it really helps bring things together there.  I’ve been having a difficult time getting the decor on this table just right and this piece added the unique artistic element I think I was missing.

In addition to wooden prints like mine (they have a birdnest, a moth, an owl, cacti, and an uber-cool personalized wedding one) they’ve also got really cool geometric gemstone jewelry, stationary and prints, and pillows.  Some of my faves:



So cool, right?!?  And how sweet are these ladies?  Very.  Casey included in my order a promo code for all of you badass readers to get 10% off!!  Head over and get you something, use the code FORAFRIEND, and leave a comment here cause I wanna see what y’all got!

Thank you Casey and Brooklyn, y’all are amazing and I’ve got my eye on a few more treasures for sure :)

*This post is not sponsored but Wild Air & Co. did provide the promo code in my order for readers to use.

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