Beautiful Coastal Botanical Prints – Introducing Green Sea Designs on Etsy!

So today I promised you guys a huuuuge announcement, one I have been waiting for for about six months now….


As I mentioned back in December, 2015 was kind of a hard year for me and I was feeling pretty un-creative and deflated.  I needed a creative outlet, even more than the blog.  The quote below meant everything to me and it was time that I did just that.  I had always dreamed of selling something in an Etsy shop and when brainstorming on what I would love to sell and what had I always loved making, it hit me on the way to work (my last day of course…hmmmm).


In graduate school, my best friend Alyssa and I absolutely loved our Marine Botany class because for the lab, we had to create our own herbarium collection of local seagrass and algae species.  #nerdalert, I know.  But we loved it, 1) because we got to play in seagrass beds and snorkel the jetties, and 2) I love a good collection.




That was it!  I wanted to start creating pressed algae pieces that could perfectly blend my passion for both art and science.  And with that, Green Sea Designs was born.  I immediately texted Alyssa with my plan and she was totally on board to jump in with me.  We quickly got to work collecting again and started making original presses.



The shop is filled with prints of our original presses, in sizes from 6×9″ all the way to 18″x24″ (I LOVE the big ones!).  There’s even an option to add the collection information to each print to give it even more of a scientific look.  We’ve also put a few species together as a set of two to make even more of a statement.  We are SO excited about the shop and can’t wait to add even more species, framing options, and even some original watercolor works to it in the near future!


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To celebrate the opening, we’re giving you guys 15% off your purchase after signing up to receive updates on Green Sea Designs!  

Just click the image below or HERE to sign up and get the code!

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Oh, and there’s another surprise coming your way on Wednesday so stay tuned!!

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13 thoughts on “Beautiful Coastal Botanical Prints – Introducing Green Sea Designs on Etsy!

  1. Congrats Em!! Love how you are combining two of your passions here and I just know it’s going to be a huge success!! xo

  2. This is so amazing, Emily! I love how two things that you love so much have come together this way. I heart botanical prints. Off to check it out!

  3. Oh Emily! This is SO PERFECT for you! Congratulations – I’m so very very excited for you and wishing you and Alyssa big success with this new endeavor.

  4. So excited for you and your new shop! The prints are so unique and absolutely beautiful!

  5. Amazing! I have never seen anything like your prints. They’re gorgeous. I know your shop will be so successful!

  6. Congrats on the shop, Emily! The prints are gorgeous and I love that you combined two of your passions into something completely amazing.

  7. SOOOOOO excited for you girl! What a brilliant way to combine your passions and share them with the world! Your prints are gorgeous Emily and I just know this sweet shop is going to go far! xo

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