First Week Favorites

Good Monday to everyone!  Sorry for the little bit of silence over here in the last week, I am trying to get a handle on all the projects staring at me around the house and was gearing up to take the leap to start the kitchen cabinet painting.  I’m one of those that must have everything else in control and/or done before being able to start on a big project, and lord knows that kitchen is a big project!  BUT, I do have a coat of primer on the bar and will be painting it this week!!  So, if I go MIA some this month again, just know I’m hard at work in that kitchen.

For today though, it’s the first full week of the month so of course it’s time for my First Week Favorites!!

Six of my favorite finds from around the web lately!

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galvanized plate chargers

Ever since my first tablescape last fall on the patio, I’ve been slightly obsessed with chargers.  They just make everything look so.much.better!  I’ll be working on a fun summer setting next month and found these beauties in my searches.  I think they’d go beautiful with some white dinnerware, some rustic wood touches, and some greenery.

lightweight floral kimono

I’ve shared this sort of kimono before, but I’m still just as obsessed with them.  Wearing one as I type actually.  They’re SO comfortable and are so pretty without any effort at all.  My kind of style.  These flowy sheer ones keep you nice and cool in the summer while still keeping you covered up (NOT a fan of wearing tank tops anymore).   And as usual, Anthro always has the prettiest ones!

Magnolia Home

Well, it’s here!  If you’re a big Fixer Upper fan like I am (which if you’re here, then probably!) you’ve been not-so-patiently waiting for Joanna’s furniture line to come out at select retailers.  You can browse the items at the website, then find a retailer close to you.  We’ve got one here in town (surprisingly) that I need to go check out soon.  I’m sure the prices are high-falutin’ but that’s exactly what I would expect and I understand.  It’s just so nice to see a line with the styles, finishes, and accents we farmhouse-lovers love so much!

garden stool

I’ve been hunting for another little side table for the patio ever since last fall’s makeover and really struggled to find something that would work for us.  Not too eclectic, not a bright color (I wanted white), and not metal because it would rust in like 0.03 seconds. This pretty little number was slated for my cart before I found a little gem at HomeGoods when I was stranded there during a downpour last week.  It has the most beautiful colors AND pattern and would have fit so perfectly into the space.  *still bookmarking it for future needs, just in case you know :)

get shoppable links from Instagram posts

Speaking of shopping around, I am now able to make my Instagram posts shoppable for you guys using Like to Know It!!  I had been using this myself for a while to find out where my favorite IGers scored things in their photos, and I’m now able to do the same to my posts!  It is SO SO cool you guys!  Here’s how it works:  sign up at with your email (it’s free), then, when scrolling through IG and you see a post with something you love in it and it has the tags, just heart the post and you’ll receive an email with clickable links to the products from that post!  For example, this is what you would receive if you liked my post from Friday with my recent shopping scores.  I LOVE it because I’m always curious where someone got something in a photo.  So, make sure you follow me on Instagram so you can get my sources, and keep an eye out for others that are using it too.

yet another sideboard option

Yes, I am STILL sideboard shopping!!  I have found SO many pretty ones (maybe I should do a roundup post?!) but they’re all just too deep for the narrow space we have to put it in.  While our dining/living room areas are large and open, there’s a ton of windows so there’s really only one wall we can put something on.  But we definitely need something to get some of the occasional entertaining pieces and Matt’s liquor stash out of my kitchen space.  It can be wide, but it can’t be deep, so this 10″ narrow fella from Ballard is looking like the winner!  Plus, that gray color is gorgeous!!  Hopefully I’ll pull the trigger soon and you guys won’t have another sideboard in next month’s post :)

See you Wednesday for June’s Monthly DIY Challenge project!!! 




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