First Week Favorites

Happy March everyone!

Hopefully everyone is thawing out and getting out and about now after this crazy weather!  It was cold, foggy, and drizzly here all weekend but I didn’t mind one bit as that is perfect crafting and relaxing weather for me.  I finally got started on this month’s Home Depot Gift Challenge item (you got a sneak peek if  you follow me on Instagram) and while it stumped me big time at first, I’m pretty excited about it now…two weeks to go!

It’s the first week of the month, so here’s some things I’ve been crushing on lately.

A collection of things that I've been swooning over lately

*some of these are affiliate links, meaning when you click them, I make a small percentage off any purchase you make.  They’re places I love and shop at myself, and doesn’t cost y’all anything, it just supports this blog a little :)

watercolor floral graphics
One of my 2015 blog goals was to work on making graphics and I have found some gorgeous images and fonts on Creative Market, the latest of which are these watercolor florals.  I do still need to upgrade to Photoshop or Illustrator or something but it’s nice when they offer these in PNG so I can use them still.

the vintage round top
If you watch Fixer Upper at all (if not, do it!) you’ve probably seen them head to Round Top, Texas where twice a year there is a two week long antique fair.  It’s in central Texas, about four hours north of here, and I am dying to go!! I tried to make plans to go to the spring one at the end of this month and in my search for places to stay I found this amazing house, Vintage Round Top.  Can you believe this place ?!? What a dream! Of course they were booked, everywhere near Round Top is booked like a year in advance (doh!), but I got an email that they came open and while I tried to rally the girls to go, I didn’t respond fast enough and missed it.  So, if anyone wants to split this house for me for Round Top 2016, let’s do it! Although I want to stay here so bad, we may just have to make a girls weekend out of it and do the non-Antiques Week shopping.

round bookcase
Who is watching Ellen’s Design Challenge?  Last week of of the contestants made a cool bookshelf using an old commercial fan from a salvage yard (another reason I need to go to Round Top!) and I thought the mix of a huge circle with the straight shelves was so cool.  Until I can make one somehow, this one from World Market would be a pretty sweet substitute.

lauren conrad blouse
I am far from a girly girl and luckily my office is pretty casual but I do try to step it up most days.  For some reason I find it terribly hard to find not-too-tight-but-not-a-big-square-either-and-classy-not-hoochie-in-non-fluorescent-colors.  I was in Kohl’s to get some baby clothes for a friend when I saw this blouse on a display.  I was surprised when I saw it was a line by Lauren Conrad (soooo not a Hills kinda show fan) but she has some really cute stuff!  I grabbed this and had to refrain from getting it in like five other patterns.  So I am reluctantly putting Kohl’s on my wardrobe circuit.

schoolhouse semi flush mount light
I have to come clean…I did it…I installed boob lights in my house.  A couple of years ago.  In our hallway and laundry room. But it was the only option at that moment that would replace even more hideous fixtures so I went with it.  Now though, I’ve found these babies.  Schoolhouse pendants for under $40!!!  My friend Leigh Anne recently used them in her laundry room update and I ordered some within the next two days.  We haven’t put them up yet but I’ll definitely put pics up when I do.  I’m a reformed boob light installer.

four chairs design
Dream kitchen anyone?  Dream anyone?  I found Four Chairs through House of Turquoise (a nice escape in my inbox at 11:30am everyday) and I’ve spent way too much time pouring through their blog.  Gorgeous!!!  Their furniture is just as amazing.  You’ve been warned :)


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