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I am in need of some advice in our living room, some design nudging for a piece a bit different than my usual.  Here’s the sitch:  We have had this void in our living room arrangement for a few years now, it is reserved for Matt’s future “man” chair, a leather recliner, of which he has yet to commit to.

There is only one requirement from me for his chair, it can’t be one of those big poofy rocking ones with rolls all over it that looks like a No. 2.  They do and I hate them and they are EVERYWHERE.   I have tried to talk him into the Manhattan recliner at PB for quite some time to no avail, and have failed at any decent knock-offs we’ve found as well.  There is a La-Z-Boy store opening in town and I’m hoping something will come from that but I’m not holding my breath :/  If it were up to me, there would be two cute side chairs or a comfy club chair with a leather pouf there.  But I digress….

So, until a chair comes in to help even things out, I still need a little table on that side of the couch.  There isn’t a ton of room so it needs to be something smallish but still functional for a drink, book, remotes, etc. The higher the better because of the couch arm, but as long as it’s not super short, say, below 15″, we should be good.  The other end table matches the coffee table but I’d like to get something that doesn’t match and brings a little pizzazz to the room since I am increasingly being drawn to geometric shapes and metallic finishes lately.  There are alot of wood and driftwood accents/finishes in here now but I would like to start bringing in more polished finishes and modern shapes while still working with a pretty casual, weathered vibe.  So I’ve been eyeing some in the bronze/gold/white field.  Here are a few I like (lots from Target… go figure)

1  //  2  //  3
4  //  5  //  6

Any suggestions?  Votes?  I am leaning towards 3 or 4 right now but would love to hear what others think, see other options, or even an idea for the space I haven’t thought of.

And any suggestions on getting a husband to commit to a non-number-two-looking man chair are also welcome…

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