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Like probably (and hopefully) everyone, I spend a ton of time pinning and saving photos on “Dream Home” boards.  You know, since someday I’ll get to go through these and check each one off like a shopping list, so they need to be constantly updated :)  Ummmm, well no, not so much…not sure if I’ll ever be one of the lucky few that actually gets to have these things they dream about, but I stockpile nonetheless.

On my dream boards, alot of the features I dream of are things that were completely standard in older homes but are no longer put in new, builder-grade homes.  They really don’t “make ’em like they used to” and it’s a travesty and it pains me.  Is it so much to ask to put something unique and creative into a home??  To showcase craftsman handiwork?? Millwork, large windows, built-ins, wide porches….when did all of that stuff become undesired and unimportant??  My dream home would be a Nicole Curtis-style restoration or, if we have to, a “new old” home where I put all of that into a new home.  I will, and do, revolt against the builder-basic generic movement as much as I can.

So, anyway, today I’m going to share a dozen of the interior features I adore and would love to have someday.  Some are along the old-home lines, some are not, and some more practical than others of course.

All photos are via Houzz (the ultimate home-dreaming mecca)

1.  Pot filler over the stove

I try to tell myself that carrying all those filled stockpots and dutch ovens from the sink to the stove is helping me build my strength, but that’s just to squelch my strong desire to have a pot filler every time I have to do it.  Every time I fill one of those big pots I start to scheme in my head how we can run a water line to that wall.  Yes, this isn’t a necessity but geez, as much as I love me some LeCreuset it sure would pay off, that stuff is heavy!  I’ll take some of that lantern tile too please!
2.  Wolf range
So this is one of the REALLY dreaming items but still.  I saw one in person once at a fancy-pants home we were at for a party and I got to touch it twice before the husband made me stop.  Definitely would have to have one with the little side oven and the griddle on top.  It’s like each of those little red knobs are little heartbeats when I see one of these.  I’ll also gladly take regular double ovens as a measly substitute.

3.  Transom Windows

Craftsman Hall by Los Angeles Architects & Building Designers Tim Barber LTD Architecture & Interior Design
This is probably, by far, the feature in old homes that makes me gasp aloud the most.  The airy feeling, the light, the raised ceilings, it all makes such a difference.  Just such an awesome touch.
Again, something that was done pretty often in older homes.  They always have some sort of treatment on the ceilings; beadboard, coffered ceilings, planking.  Why did this stop?  Now it’s crazy expensive and luxury to have.  But, not gonna DIY this one, so it’s on the dream shopping list :)

5.  Planked/Shiplap Walls

I just watched an episode of Fixer Upper (Joanna, will you hire me as your assistant???) where a defunct 1920s house had cheap paper/paneling over all the walls and when they pulled it back there were mint condition shiplap boards IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE!  Lucky people!!  But, this one I would attempt to DIY someday so maybe it’s not too much of a dream.  Not like coffered ceilings are…

6.  Craft/Work Space

Our dream home will have as many bedrooms as we can get in the hopes of being able to have a dedicated craft/project room.  That, and a separate office.  But mainly a craftroom.  How amazing would it be to be able to leave your project stuff out until you’re done and not worry about anyone having to see it?  I keep trying to set up my sewing machine on the dining room table but about 24 hours is the husband’s limit with it and I end up putting it all away.  I haven’t touched it for like a year because of that!  Oh to have a space it can live in.

I have a thing for light fixtures.  But very few spaces for them.  It seems like alot of older homes had more fixtures, especially sconces.  In the entry, in a hallway, bathrooms…there are a few locations in our house I could plop a few sconces in.  I especially love them in bathrooms because they are so much more flattering and stylish than overhead vanity lights.
8. Butler’s Pantry

This is another very-much-a-dream-home item.  It moved to the top 10 after I saw YHL’s in their showhouse back in the spring (hell, if it had a pot-filler it would be my dream “new old” home).  Somewhere to keep bar supplies, countertop appliances, extra kitchen items, coffee stuff, and prep/hold things during parties.  Such a useful area!

9.  Sink in Front of Windows (and Industrial Kitchen Faucet)

Modern Kitchen by Dallas Photographers Emily McCall

This one is a two-fer.  If I ever get to design or remodel our kitchen, I am placing my big ‘ol sink dead set in front of some gorgeous windows that look out to a gorgeous view.  Who wants to look at a wall or chairs when they’re doing dishes?  Unless you’re having a party and can talk to people…but I’d rather look outside.  And at that sink I want one of these industrial, restaurant-like faucets.  They are so much more powerful and easier to use.  Plus they make you look like a legit chef.

10.  Sink in the Laundry Room

Paintbrushes, dirty shoes, muddy hands, cat barf…it happens.  And noone wants to wash that stuff at the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.  I WILL have a large sink in the large laundry room that I also WILL have someday.  Because I’m tired of washing said items crouched over in the yard in 100 degree or 40 degree weather. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

11.  Large Island with a Prep Sink

The kitchen is the hub of our house when we have people over and during our everyday, so of course I dream of having a monstrous island where folks can sit and chat with me while I slave away, where platters of goodness can be set out, where I can put all kinds of decor, and where I can put a little prep sink just cause you always need another little sink.  (I just noticed this kitchen has items 1, 5, 7, and 9 too!)

12.  Powder Bath

This may just be me, but I feel that it’s weird when the bathroom in use during parties is the full guest bath.  Usually cause it’s like hey, people bathe in here, or people are visiting and have their personal effects for all to see.  I don’t know, it’s just not very formal or isolated.  So in my dream home, I wish to have a small powder room near the action on the main level for guests to use.  I also want one of these cause it is the perfect little room to do something over the top like crazy wallpaper, edgy fixture designs, or floor to ceiling tile.  That would be such a blast to play with I think.
So that’s not really a short list but I just couldn’t knock any more off, sorry.  Next week I’ll list off my must-have exterior things, a list that is much more daunting.  I do have dream-home lists everywhere but my Pinterest board and Houzz are the best ones :) What are some of y’all’s dream-home must-haves? Any other “old new house” folks, too?
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