Ending on a Low Note

So I was hoping to end this week with a post showing off our new Silestone “White Zeus” countertop for the master bath, but instead I am not and it still looks like this.

May I vent?  I need to vent.  Commence venting:

This counterop was ordered from Home Depot, just like the guest bathroom’s was.  Home Depot is awesome, the people they contract out to do installations however, are not, not anymore.  I had no problems during the guest bath’s install but this one?  Ugh.  You may remember I ordered this thing waaayyy back on April 10th.  It was templated on April 25th and after calling every single week after that I found it was out of fabrication May 17th.  Great!  Nope, it took me till this Monday to get them to set an installation appointment, for yesterday from 9-11am.  And then nothing from 9-11, nothing by 12, so I started calling.  Their office couldn’t even get in touch with the crew until I called back at 2:30 and was given no reasons why they blew me off, none!  They rescheduled me for tomorrow morning at 9.  Whatever.  I now am talking to Home Depot hoping that they can figure out the scoop and pull through for me and we’ll see what happens Saturday.

It’s just so crappy, staying up the night before to prep everything and take the nasty old plumbing off, using vacation time from work for no reason, not being able to use our bathroom still, and now having to wait around on my Saturday morning.  Do they think it’s a piece of cake for people to be home on a weekday?! It’s not!!

This kind of stuff just compounds a larger issue we’ve had lately, I can’t stand the city we live in.  There are numerous reasons why that I won’t go into now but one is that I feel like it’s really hard to get good service and work done in this area (south Texas) as every time we or someone we know does, it is crappily done or there is crappy service.  Fun example, um, the people installing our laminate a few years ago did it wrong and then wrote “F*** You” on our floors….yeah.  And I’ve been robbed in front of Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby!!  It’s just not the right place for us.  At all.  There are little gems here and there, like the beach, our little house, our fave restaurants, and our friends of course, but the city is not good and is such a drain.  There’s nothing we can do about it now unfortunately, so I’ll leave it at that and keep dreaming of getting out.

So no, I don’t have a meaningful, remotely interesting post today, I’m sorry.  And I plan to go into full nihilist mode this weekend… “I care about nuhtzing!”

Not completely, we will hang out with friends, I still plan to paint the office and I better dang well have a countertop on Saturday, but otherwise a nihilist.  I have to go nihilist to re-focus and recharge occasionally.  Sometimes you have to go there, you know?  Back at ’em on Monday!  Thank you guys  :)

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