First Week Favorites


The first First Week Favorites of 2017!  I’ve had some good finds stashed after all the holiday and nursery shopping over the last couple of months so these next few Favorites should be good :)

Six of my favorite finds from around the web lately*affiliate links included for your convenience, click here to see my full disclosure policy


ivory luggage bags

The next time I have to upgrade luggage I’m definitely getting a hard-sided set and these are by far the prettiest I’ve ever seen!  The ivory is gorgeous but the black is also super cool with the leather accents too.

beige tassel throw

Target’s throw blanket selection just keeps getting better and better and there are SO.MANY that I love there!  How many throws per room is an acceptable amount, like 8??

faux leather play mat

This cool little company is owned by Emily Jones McCoy who is the Texas Rangers’ dugout reporter who I think is one of the coolest chicks ever, with probably the coolest job ever.  She’s got two little ones and created these supplies to hold up to the roughest of beatings and are super easy to clean.  What I love is their muted adult colors and patterns that aren’t overly “baby”.  I got the large mat in gray for Christmas and know it’ll be put to good use.   Loving the bibs too!

silicone rings

I often get in trouble for DIYing with my wedding ring on and have often forgot to remove it when we go fishing or are outdoors.  We saw a football commentator talking about these silicone rings so I had to check them out.  Such a perfect substitute for activities and tasks that you don’t want to have a nice metal band on for.  I definitely see a couple of these in our future for fishing, DIYing, and also not scratching a new little baby…

vintage-style cooler

Step up your party game and get some mad props with this vintage-style metal cooler.  Coolers are necessary, yes, but they are so fugly!  Sometimes you just need a cuter cooler man.  I also love the navy color this comes in.

fish hook wall hook

Suckers for all things nautical and always a sucker for an Anthro hook, I LOVE this hook!  I wish we had a mudroom because a few of these would look so pretty on some beadboard or shiplap in a pretty coastal or nautical beach house mudroom.  I’m thinking our coastal guest bathroom may be a nice place for one.




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