Industrial Pipe Candleholder

I’ve been looking for a new centerpiece for our dining room table for a while and haven’t found anything I like.  We currently, and for about the last five years, have three glass bowls leftover from my thesis experiments filled with barnacles and shells.  They fit with our style, are unassuming, and don’t get in the way but it’s time for a change.

The possibilities I have liked seemed to always be made of wood (like dough bowls) but I want a different material here since the table and chairs are so much dark wood.  I’m not a fan of large centerpieces or alot of stuff on my table so the new centerpiece also needed to be something long and rectangular and not too tall.

I was perusing Joss & Main a few weeks ago when this pipe candleholder caught my eye:

And I knew I could DIY it :)

I ran into a few issues with finding some of the parts I needed (discussed below) but in the end this was my final parts list.  I did mine all in 3/8″ diameter pipe so it wouldn’t be too chunky.

{Supplies for Industrial Pipe Candleholder}

  • (4) 3/8″ elbows
  • (8) 3/8″ Ts
  • (4) 1/2″ flanges
  • (4) 3/8″ female to 1/2″male bushing
  • (2) 3/8″ by 2″ nipples
  • (10) 3/8″ by 3″ nipples
  • (3) 3/8″ by 4″ nipples
  • (2) 3/8″ plugs
  • (4) candles
I initially used a 1″ nipple and circular cap on the ends but liked the look of these plugs better.  I also could only find two 3/8″ floor flanges in all my trips so I had to modify to 1/2″ flanges using 3/8″ (female) to 1/2″ (male) bushings.
Once you finally round up all your pieces (hopefully it doesn’t take four trips like mine did), it’s just a matter of screwing them all together.  They don’t screw completely onto the threads so just get them hand tight.
I’ve worked with PVC for years but I’ve never worked with iron pipe and there are some things I learned that I didn’t know up front:
  • It comes in black (ish) and plain galvanized but the black was harder to find.  My HD didn’t have black fittings at all and while Lowe’s did, there were some parts that didn’t come in black, just galvanized.  I actually like the silver accents this caused though.
  • The flanges are hard to find and my stores only had them in galvanized.  Alot of the sizes were out of stock or they only had a couple left.
  • There is grease already on this stuff, and it’s black grease on the black pieces.  So either wash your pieces in advance or work on a towel like I did and get black hands like I did.
  • People mix up these parts like crazy so check your pieces carefully before you check out.  I got incorrect pieces three times so I had to return them and get the correct ones.  So frustrating!
  • The threads are sharp!  I have about six thread-spaced slices in my pinky from trying to tighten these with my hands.  Use tools or just hand tighten them.
Other than the slight learning curve, I’m totally hooked on this stuff and will probably make a few more things out of it :)

It’s only friends right now are my PB sea urchin shakers so I’m thinking of maybe putting a little more decor around the table (not alot) and switching to smaller candles inside glass votive holders since there aren’t any edges on the flanges to catch drips.

I’m pretty impressed at how close it looks like the inspiration!  Minus the rust, although I can probably set this outside for a week and it’ll already start forming. #whywecanthavenicethingsoutside

What about you guys?  Are y’all fans of the industrial pipe look?  What are some projects you guys have made out of it?



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39 thoughts on “Industrial Pipe Candleholder

  1. I love this. I did a industrial console table using these pipes. And since then I have done two more projects in quick succession with them. It is addicting because it was so easy. I love how it looks! That ceiling light is stunning too!

    1. Yes! I love your table!! I still have plans to make one of those also someday. And that light is the Ballard medium orb, it was my Christmas gift last year, it’s coming with us when we move :)

    1. Yes Kristy, it is very sturdy! It weighs a couple pounds or so and the base pieces are wide enough to make it not top heavy. Just make sure your elbow ends are flush with the ground and you’re good!

  2. I’m in love with the industrial look these days and I love all kinds of pipe work. Love it!
    Hey, I recently started a new linky party on Scrapality. I would love for you to visit and link up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Emily, this is very cool & creative – love it! Visiting from Classy Clutter and pinning! Hope you’re having a happy weekend!

  4. SO cool!! I love that industrial pipe look, I’ve never seen anything like that before! Great work, it looks identical to the Joss & Main one!

    1. It was so easy Amanda! You know, after I finally got all my parts together after a bagillion trips to HD and Lowe’s :/

  5. I absolutely adore your candleholder. So crafty! Thanks for sharing your project with us on the Monday Funday Party!

  6. Emily this is amazing! Some of my family members celebrate Hannukah– this would make a marvelous Menorah! So sorry the link party code was messed up tonight. It’s all fixed now. Thanks for stopping by. xo

    1. It would be perfect for that and would be super cool!! Post it if y’all make one :) And no problem, just linked up now, thanks for hosting!

  7. Love this! It looks just like the Joss & Main version. And lets not even talk about how much I love your chandelier! Your dining room is gorgeous! -Amy

  8. Yours is every bit as nice as the Joss and Main version! (I love how these companies provide us with inspiration! ) It looks so nice with the style of chandelier you have, too. Thanks so much for sharing this at our party today!

    1. Ideas just kind of slap me in the face, rather than get planned out, and this one was sooo direct, it had to be done! Thank Jamie, and thanks for the party!

  9. Just letting you know I’m featuring this awesome candle holder at Motivational Monday next week! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  10. So cute! And I love the color of the candles with the grey of the pipe, looks great. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday, come again!
    -Leia @ Eat It & Say Yum

    1. I was trying to bring some fall color inside, even though there’s no fall color outside :) Thanks Leia!

  11. I’m so happy to have found your directions for this candleholder! I actually ordered the pipe-eye candleholder from Dot &. Bo – it was a big splurge for me because of the cost – and then I was notified that it was no longer available. I googled “pipe-eye candleholder”, thinking I would try to buy it elsewhere and came across your directions. Thank you for not only saving me money, but also allowing me to make a few for Christmas gifts! Now I can follow your blog too, which is an added bonus. Thanks so much, Emily!

  12. Hi ??

    So I made this for a gift for my mother but I needed to get 10- 3” nipples. I ended up two nipples short with your shopping list unless I did something wrong! Pics to follow as soon as I get two more nipples but, I love it so far! Thanks.

    1. Such a sweet idea to make one as a gift Quintin! I went back through my list and my holder and yes, there is a discrepancy so I do apologize, thank you for catching that!! The two center horizontal pieces on top were 3″ too so yes, 10 total are needed. I have updated the list for others :)

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