Coastal Guest Bedroom (plus some new guys)

Ok, this could have been two posts but I just couldn’t wait to share both so a big ‘ol Friday post you get!

I fell in love with two more things this week, another paint color and my new barstools!  I can’t stop looking at either one, at all.  But neither one came about all too easily…

First up, our new guest room color.  In my post about our anniversary trip to Fredericksburg, I gushed about the amazing B&B we stayed at and how I sillily wanted to find out the wall color so I could use it in our house somewhere.  I emailed them a couple of times but didn’t hear back so I set out with my Sher-dub, errr, Sherwin-Williams, paint deck to see if I could find something similar.  Something in the violety-gray realm, not too gray and not too purple.

And seven (7.5 actually) samples later, I learned that picking colors in this room is a real bi-otch, apparently all paint turns purple.  There is never direct sunlight into it and it’s the brightest in the morning when I’m not home to see them or take good pictures of course.  The pale yellow didn’t help make them less purplish I’m sure.  Seriously, look at how different they look in the natural light (left) and ceiling light (right) of the room! Bahhhh!! (I didn’t edit any of these pictures)

1 – Destiny SW6274
1.5 – 50/50 Destiny and Fashionable Gray
2 – Fashionable Gray SW6275
3 – Individual White SW6008
4 – Sensitive Tint SW6267
5 – Unique Gray SW6260
6 – Grayish SW6001
7 – Alpaca SW7002


The first samples I got (#1-5) looked great on the chip but were sooooo purple on the wall.  I actually really liked #2 (Fashionable Gray) but knew it was too dark and it’s next shade up was #1 (Destiny).  So I tried mixing them (#1.5) but it didn’t come out much lighter and was still too lavender.  I started freaking out that I had wasted five samples and still needed more, which was the case but I got over it.  I moved away from the blue-grays, to the more greige-y hues, and went back to SW and got samples of Grayish (#6) and Alpaca (#7).

And as soon as I put them up, it was Alpaca for the win!!!  Light enough, not too lavender, and not too gray.  First, let’s flash back, waaayy back to 2011 or so, then to the butter yellow we were at (why did I keep it for so long?!?)

A pretty dang good match to my B&B inspiration if I do say so myself!  I keep going in there just to look at the walls and really almost stayed in there that first night ;)

Aaaand my second love came this week too, remember the Threshold stools from Target from my First Week Favorites post this month?


I got them!!!!  I have had my eye on these puppies for months and months and months. I tried many of the common wife-tactics to get husband on board with them too to no avail, would watch them go in and out of stock the whole time, and would miss every home/furniture sale it seems, and when I did catch one they were out of stock.  I thought any day they would be forever gone and I would never find such perfect stools again.  But honestly, although they aren’t crazy expensive, it was still a bit much to swallow since we had functioning stools.  Aaaand then Target had a sale that I actually caught, with them in stock, and presented my facts and figures to husband once again.  Sales, free shipping, credit cards rewards points, and a Craigslist sale later, here they are!!!!

These were our old World Market ones that I just sold on Craigslist for $120 buckaroos!

And here are the new guys!  They are super sturdy and I love the color of the wood tops and how the metal isn’t too silvery.  I think they blend with our new metal end table in the living room and with the natural wood tones and the grays in the kitchen so great.  I also like how the tops are more rustic (you can feel the texture) and aren’t smooth.  And there’s four now!

They came already assembled, which was a huge relief cause I had second coat to paint in the guest room, but one does have a funky splotch on one of it’s legs.  If they were in our local store I’d try to get a replacement but they aren’t and it’s not worth the hassle of shipping back.  It’s nothing turning it on the inside can’t fix.

They are $129 for two but Target was running 20% off of $175 (and still is through Saturday, hurry!), $15 off of $75, had free shipping over $50, I got a $50 Target gift card from credit card rewards points, and sold our old stool for $120, so these new ones came out to a grand total of…..$33!!!!!  Crazysauce, right?  That’s like eight bucks a piece.  Deals like that make me soooo happy!  And make husband happy :)

What are some of your best sale scores?  What items were you finally able to get after dreaming about them for-ev-er?

I hope you guys all have an awesome weekend and may the sale-scoring gods be with you!  Tonight we head offshore for the annual Texas Women Angler’s Tournament tomorrow so we’re hoping the billfish gods will be with us :)

32 thoughts on “Coastal Guest Bedroom (plus some new guys)

  1. Great color choice!! I have 6 samples of gray on my walls right now and I just can’t make up my mind! Every time I think I’ve decided I see it in a different light and change my mind. Sigh, why is gray so pretyy and so difficult? ;)

  2. Love your spare bedroom color! I just really love grays right now, but they are SO HARD to get right. I painted my son’s nursery furniture gray, but by the end of it I thought it was too blue. I think I had just stared at it too long because now it doesn’t look bad. ha ha. Great deal on those bar stools! I’ve been loving that style lately too! :)

    1. They do change the longer you stare at them, which leads to wigging yourself out sometimes :/ I know alot of these looked purple to me because of the yellow but I just couldn’t see past it until Alpaca. Thanks!!

  3. Love the new paint colors and great stools even with that flaw. Thrilled to have you joining Wow Us Wednesdays. I just need you to add a back link to your posts. Thanks

  4. My husband and I gutted/remodeled our first home last summer, and I had to pick out paint colors for the ENTIRE first floor all at once! We ended up going with a light grey, too…it’s such a classy color! Great job!

    1. Aw thank you Beth! And dude, I’m totally asking for either the Ona Capri or Chelsea for Christmas, I just can’t decide :)

  5. Wow! I love how big of a change the new paint color makes. We’re slowly in the process of repainting our entire house from the yellow we bought it in to a light gray. Those stools are awesome as well! Thanks so much for stopping by Motivational Monday and linking up! I’m featuring you in my post on Monday. :)

    1. Isn’t it crazy! It is so much more cozy and makes the white furniture pop alot more. Looking forward to seeing y’all’s de-yellowing too :) And thank you friend for featuring me!!!

  6. I love the color you have picked. It creates a totally different mood in the room and the bedroom seems more cozy. I love the contrast between the wall color and the furniture. Great little make-over

    1. That is my favorite part, that my beautiful PB set no longer just blends in. And it is sooo cozy, I’ve already had quite a few naps in there :) Thanks!

  7. Both rooms look great! I love the wall color. Picking painting can be so frustrating, but when you finally find it…awesome! #saturdaysharefest

  8. Emily, great color choice! Grays can be so tough! I really like how the Alpaca looks in your room. I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

  9. Hi!! Love the bedroom color! I was wondering, the first picture of the big bedroom, is that the B&B? 8 love that color and just wanted to ask if you knew what color it was. I’ve been looking into the colors destiny and minute mauve of sherwin Williams but just can’t seem to choose.

    1. Thanks Lindsey! Yes, the first picture is the B&B where I fell in love with the wall color. Unfortunately I never was able to find out what exactly it was, but SW’s “Alpaca” turned out to be very similar and the closest match I could find, at least in our room it was. I didn’t try Minute Mauve but that is a gorgeous color :) Our room cast such a cool tone that anything with too much gray in it looked REALLY purple so the more beige Alpaca ended up being good for us. The sample containers from SW cover a ton of area so I suggest painting the heck out of test spots to see how they work in your room. These mid-greiges can be sooooo hard :/

  10. Hi Lindsey,

    REALLY great job on your colors! I am in crisis with my lr. Do you know which direction your room faces? I am still confused about mine. If I take a compass and face the window it is sw but the light then hits the NE wall. I’m not sure which they consider it “facing”…the window or opposite, do you by chance?

    I ask because my light casts in a similar fashion and I LOVE actually the color you first painted the room where it came out different tones. Can you tell me what color that was and also the direction of your room? MANY thanks!

    1. Hi Amy, this room faces due east so it gets morning sun and is pretty dim in the afternoon. The color I chose for the room is Sherwin-Williams “Alpaca” :)

  11. I am looking for a grey that wont look purple once painted. This might fit the bill, I tried Greyish and its lavanderish. Next stop Alpaca.
    Try rubbing alcohol on paper towel, to take the smudge off. Works on a lot of stuff.

  12. Thank you for this realistic post. After reviewing almost every article on choosing a “griege”, I started my epic paint saga. How could I go about finding a grey that did not have a blue, purple, brown, or green undertone in any light, during any time of the day? Impossible, huh?

    I went to BenMoore and purchased a sample , and then went to Lowe’s and purchased 14 samples of SW colors. I needed 4 colors for 4 separate areas, and they had to flow. After only liking 2 of the colors (not BM), I went back to Lowe’s to BEG for the SW swatch book (yes, the entire palette)! After 3 FULL days of lamenting, I finally chose my colors. I chose BM Silver Bells (master bath with blue cabinets), Sw Agreeable Grey (master bedroom), BM Belgian White (kitchen with griege cabinets), SW Requisite Gray with a touch of BM Barren Plain (guest full bath).

    I did not want to waste all these samples that I purchased, so I offered it for FREE on my Next Door app. I figured there had to be another psycho like me. Alas, someone answered my post, and she’s coming to get the samples tomorrow.

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